A Family Affair: Part 1

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***Hey! I apologize for the delay, college and work have me pretty tied up. :) Anywho, this is the next part of "Born of Pain." I hope you enjoy. Don't be afraid to provide your feedback!***

*Renier's POV*

"REN, wake up," my mother, Danika, growled as she shook me awake. "We need to get this room clean and do your laundry. This is an absolute mess."

I grumbled as I groggily rolled out of my plush bed, that has welcomed me with a warm embrace more and more as time progresses. Giving a quick glance around my room I let out a sigh, taking in the uncharacteristic disarray. It's due time for a nice thorough cleaning. I can't believe I let it get this bad in the first place. "Okay, Mom. Let me wake up and I'll start working on it. I promise."

My mother put her hands on both of my shoulders and hit me with a concerned gleam in her eye, causing my heart to stop for a second. "Honey," she said with a pause, "This isn't like you. This mess. Look, I know life hasn't been the easiest on you and you're going through a lot, at your age. Your body is changing and all but...."

"Mom," I interrupted, with a slight grin. "We've already gone through this talk. The... uh, puberty talk. I know what's going on. It's not like I'll have to deal with a period or something like girls do. Trust me, I have it easy," I chuckled.

"Yeah, well you act as emotional as a girl starting her period recently," mom stated, freezing me with her serious but warm stare.

"Mom..." I sighed, not knowing how to respond but feeling the need to say something to her.

She started running her hands up and down my arm. "Look, all I'm trying to say is that you've been acting... well, off recently. Not yourself. I just want you to know that if you need to talk you can always confide in me. You're my baby boy. I know I may not be able to relate to you as well as other people but I am your mother and I do love you. I'll try my hardest to be the rock and the figure you need in your life." Tears started pooling in her eyes, as the intensity of her emotion began to flood her. "I only want you to be happy. I only want what's best for you."

"Thank you, mom. I know you're there for me. You always have been there for me when I needed you the most. But you don't have to worry, I'm okay." My stomach churned at the small fib. But there is no reason to make my mother worry anymore than what she already is.

Mom glanced down, as if trying to think of something to say. Suddenly, she grew with rigid with focus. She was looking down at my exposed wrist. Shit. Mom gripped my arm and rubbed her thumb along a semi-fresh scratch that must have gotten exposed in my sleep and I hadn't had time to pull my sleeve down. She brought her eyes back up to me, piercing me with her eyes, the heart break she is feeling radiating. "What is this, honey?"

I debated telling her the truth. Coming clean and spilling it all. From the mysterious cravings to eventually learning what they were, and then acting on them. I debated and I decided.

"Oh, you know how rough Urban and I can get. It must've happened then, but I didn't notice until you pointed it out just now," I lied. I'm getting good at it, by this point. It's not that my mother didn't deserve to know the truth or that I lack respect for her, but I genuinely don't want to bother her with it. She already has enough going on with my.... father, I guess. Even though he's not much of father in terms of being present in my life.

I sensed her doubt, but she chose not to pry any further. "Okay," she sighed as she traced her thumb up over the side of my face. She investigated my room briefly once more before saying, "Go ahead and get this room clean, I'll go help Ashlyn with an early dinner."

Mom went to walk away, but I caught her by her wrist before she got too far. "How about you mom? Are you okay?"

She nodded. "Yeah, I'm alright, Ren. I'm just a little tired, but it's nothing a little coffee can't fix."

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