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You were a normal high school student, people adored you. You were one of the students with the highest honors. People were also attracted by your rather— "cold" demeanor. But, you were an introvert, you weren't used to be around many people, maybe unless your family and closest friends, but you were still raised as an introvert, you didn't open up much about yourself, but maybe. Just maybe, someone might be willing to help you change.


"y/n!" A certain girl called for your attention, you turned and saw your friend, running towards you.

"What is it, Eunbi?" A smile was on her face. "There are new students, and they're in the same class with us!" She said, smiling brightly. "And what does that have to do with me?" A stoic expression remained on your face.

"I saw Daniel there!" She said, you accidentally dropped your books. Daniel. Kang Daniel. He was your worst nightmare. He used to bully you back in the days. He hated you. And you hated him.

"You saw him?" You asked Eunbi, she nodded. "He was with ten other boys." You grimaced at the thought of them bullying you.

You shook your head and told Eunbi that you had to go to your first class or else you'll be late.

As expected, the girls were talking about the new students. If it weren't for the teacher, they wouldn't have stopped talking.

"Class! Enough!" The teacher said, as he slammed the book down the table.

The girls stopped talking and faced forward, "As you were talking about those boys. They're already outside, waiting for all of you to shut up." He said, pointing at the door.

"Guanlin you go first."

"What?! Why me?!"

"Just go!"

"But, hyung—"

The poor boy didn't get to finish his sentence as the others pushed him in.

You looked at them, "H-Hello, my name is Lai Guanlin, it's a pleasure to meet all of you." He said, in fluent english.

"Speak in korean, stupid." Another boy told him, and introduced himself once again in Korean.

As all of them had introduced themselves, the teacher assigned them their seats.

"And finally, Guanlin. You get to sit beside y/n. Y/n, kindly raise your hand." You raised your hand, Guanlin casually went to you and sat down beside you.

In class, you tried your best to focus, but you couldn't. If it weren't for the boy who kept staring at you, you probably would've finished your work.

"Is there a problem?" You asked him, a gentle smile on your face.

"A-Ah. Sorry, was I bothering you?" A small blush formed on the boy's cheeks. You chuckled slightly and shook your head.

"No, not at all. Do you need something?" You asked again, he nodded slowly and showed you his textbook.

"How, do you solve this?" He asked.

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