Abrielle's (A-BRI-L) POV:

I stared out the window of the 2014 Black Sports Car. I sighed as Our new Foster Dad hugs our Social Worker, Tamia. This is gonna be the last time Me, Citaa, & The twins will ever see Our Foster Home.

I hear a baby cry. I looked down at my lap and see, Davion whimpering in his sleep. I gently rubbed his head that was full of curls.

I look at Javion. "Bri You think We might be coming back?" She asks. Her Deep Brown-Hazel eyes stares in my Golden Blue eyes. I sigh and kiss her on herr forehead.

"I honestly don't know." I say.

"I think this dude is gonna try some with us." Citaa says. I look at her. My Phyco Twin sister.

"Yeah and he's gonna send us to a haunted house to!" I tease. Citaa Jumps.

"That might happen!" She says. The heck wrong with this Nigga?

"Negro Don't Make Me Slap You!" I say. Citaa rolls her eyes.

"Ya Know What! Fuck it! But don't come to me crying bout Some Ghosts!" She says.

"Citaa Babe, I think you had wayyy to much Fried Chicken." I say. She rolls her eyes again and put her old Beats on.

I roll my eyes as Our Foster Dad Rodnee gets in. He smiles at us. Then starts driving.

Music plays "The Weekend & Drake - Crew Love."

I nod my head with the music. I end up falling into a deep Sleep.


I stop Playing my Music when Rodnee pulls up at some House. Wait a minute.


I hit Bri's Arm. She groans and looks at me. "What?" She asks. I point at the house.

She looks. Her eyes goes wide. "What the hell are we doing at a Haunted House?" I asks. She shrugs and steps out the car.

Someone like Bri would only do the following:

A. Go & See what the creepy noise is.

B. Be slow as hell & not run.



I groan and step out the car. The Twins are already out. "What is this?" Javion Asks. She grabs my hand.

I walk into the Door. Old, Dirty Pictures are on the wall. Spider webs are also on the wall. Four Boys thats on a picture catches my attention.

I look at the Date. "2011. Mindless Behavior Rocking It in D.C." It reads.

I grab Bri's Arm and pull her to the picture. She rolls her eyes and walks up the Creeping Stairs. I sigh and walk up the stiars with my bags.

I walk into a room that Is Blue & Black (Roc's Room). I'm surprised that its not jacked up. The room is Clean.

I sit on the bed. Its warm. Why is the bed warm and no one has been here for a while? Infact 3 years?

I walk to the dresser and see clothes are in it. Eh, The Nigga's Dead any Way. I grab all my Under Clothes and put all of them in a draw. I pull out the Clothes that belong to the dead boy and put the in another dresser. What?

I aint making no Ghost Pissed!

After I'm done with That. I walk into the bathroom. Its looking good also. Okay this is just creepy.

I sigh and grab some clothes and pull my clothes off.

Bri's POV:

I walk into a Red & Black Room. (Prodigy's Room) Its Dope. Red Is my favorite color! :D

I put all of my clothes in one Dresser. I pull off my shirt and leave myself in my Bra. I lay down on my Red bed........my bed is warm......Why is my bed warm...

I smell my bed. Oh hell no. Why does my bed smell like Boy Colonge?

This is getting real creepy. I grab a black tank top and put it on. I slide on my socks and walk out the room.

I knock on Javion & Davion's Door. No Answer.

I knock again.


I start panicking and burst the door open. I scream as I see Javion with Blood on her stomach...


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