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"Do you believe in magic?"
"I have to see it to believe it."

"I thought you think my voice is magic." She chuckled. Hyunjin smiled nervously, embarrassed of what he said before. "Well, er..." He rubbed the back of his neck, avoiding eye contact with her. Maru smiled, she knew she had him tongue tied.

"Hmm, what do you actually believe?" She asked another. "I told you, I need proof before I trust anything." He answered truthfully. Maru walked ahead of him and he followed, they were growing closer each night. He liked it that way.

"Do you believe me, then?"

——— ☾———

Maru sobbed as she watched Hyunjin's figure faded away in front of her eyes, his warmth leaving her cold exterior. She was once again left alone, just like she was born to be. It was her destiny, her curse, to be alone and never to love.

But she broke the curse when she met Hyunjin. His presence felt different from the day they first met. She picked him because he seemed as an easy prey, but she was wrong. She didn't know it would be this impossible for her to kill him. She just wouldn't.

She had never met a sweet man like him before, a sincere one. The men she killed before wanted her for her looks, her body. The lust in their eyes disgusted her. None of them were ever honest about their feelings toward her, it was simply for their own satisfaction. They thought they were using her, but instead she was using them.

Tears fell down and it never stopped. She had no power, she could only put people to sleep. How she wanted to turn back time, she wanted all of these to end. If only she had accepted her fate, she wouldn't have met Hyunjin. She wouldn't have to kill him.

"You have to stop all of this, those innocent people didn't deserve this. You don't deserve this horrible fate. Just live this way, I'm here for you." His words lingered. She laughed at her pathetic self, how she wished she was that easy.

She never killed because she wanted to. She didn't kill for her own sake, she did it for the witch that cursed her as well. One man's body for two eternity beauty. That was the deal and if she refused to kill Hyunjin, the real witch would do it herself. Just like before. There was only one way to put an end to all misery.

——— ☾———

Hyunjin stared into blank space, the words "Kill me." repeated like a broken loop in his head. The shock he felt when those words came out were impossible to erase.

"Hyunjin, kill me."

"Kill me."

"Kill me."


"How did she know my name?" He whispered to himself. It was then he realised he had never once mentioned his name to her, but how did his name slipped out of her mouth when she told him to kill her. Was it true? Was he really a target of her?

"Hey, are you okay?" Minho's voice called him back to reality as he walked into Hyunjin's room. The younger one looked over at his brother putting his doubt towards Maru aside for a while. Hyunjin nodded his head to answer his brother.

"Did it go as planned?" Minho took a seat on the brother's bed. Hyunjin was silent for a while before he finally shook his head. "She found out? Did she hurt you?" Minho quickly asked, concerned as ever. And again, Hyunjin shook his head. Minho couldn't help but to notice something was off with his brother.

"She told me to kill her." He said softly, as if he choked on the words. He said it with pain and it was inevitable for Minho to miss it. He stared at his brother for a minute before he came to a conclusion.

"You like her don't you?" He asked and Hyunjin was fast to look back at him. But no words came out of his mouth to deny it.

"That was why it was so hard for you, hearing her saying it was even more painful." Minho sighed, the situation was even more complicated for him to help the younger one. He placed a hand on Hyunjin's shoulder, noticed the sombre in his expression. "I don't think I can help you with this, but bear in mind if you die it's not a sacrifice. If she dies, it's beneficial for all but not for you." He said and left Hyunjin by himself.

The young lad stared at the nightingale on his shelf, and he imagined Maru in front of him. He told her how he felt about her, and she acknowledged him. The difficult part was now a choice he had to make. He didn't know which side would he choose, although he knew which was the right one. His heart was just not ready.

——— ☾———

🐾So Stray Kids decided to ruin my life with their predebut album and image teaser.

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