Chapter 7

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The night club was already in full swing when we arrived. There were a lot of people lining up waiting to get access inside.

"Are you sure we could still fit in there?" I asked while Hugh tried to find a parking spot nearby.

"Don't worry. We already made it into the guest list. I wanted to celebrate. Plus, you need to get out of the apartment." Hugh assured me and I just chuckled.

"You're right. I didn't get the chance to congratulate you. I'm giving you full permission to be your bitch. But just for tonight." I told him sternly.

He was happy with my reply although it somewhat bothered me what he planned on doing for tonight. I just hoped that I wouldn't be a sacrificial virgin that would be tossed to a pile of hungry horny men. I shuddered at the thought.

"I want to get drunk tonight!" Hugh was already out of the car. As we entered the club, the music blasted through the speakers while the neon lights were blinding my vision. My eyes adjusted to the scene around me. It was overwhelming at first but I could see that Hugh couldn't contain his excitement.

"Vee, that's our table over there!" He screamed in my ear. He pointed to a corner where it was a few meters away from the dance floor. It was a good thing that he picked a more private area because I didn't want anyone grinding on me tonight.

I took my time to look around the club. Obviously, it was dark. All you could see were the silhouettes of people moving to the beat of the music. The low lighting made it difficult to see their faces. It had a stage where the DJ was doing his thing to make everyone dance in their place. There was a second floor. It was more private than here so I guessed it was the VIP Lounge. My eyes then caught a male figure that was leaning on the railing with two girls hovering for his attention. I didn't know why my gaze remained longer than normal. He intrigued me and somehow he seemed familiar. I stared a bit longer until his shadow moved a bit forward where the light struck his face. My eyes widened when I realized that the mysterious man was Pierce. I quickly turned around and followed Hugh through the crowd.

I just hoped he didn't see me. What were the odds, right? I didn't know why I looked back but I did. We locked gazes and I couldn't look away. He was staring at me intently like a lion surrounding its prey. I felt a tug as I lost my focus on Pierce. Hugh was already pulling me with him. We then arrived at our booth so I could take a seat.

"You wait here. I'm getting our drinks." Hugh strutted off to get them. He went back after a few minutes with a tray of shots.

"Um, I thought you were getting me a mocktail?" I asked.

"Not tonight babe! You should loosen up. You're my bitch for the night, remember?" He smirked evilly.

Ugh, he was right. I did promise him. I downed one shot and felt it burn my throat. I coughed a bit as I tried to recover myself. "Nope! That's just disgusting. I'm getting my own drink." I stood up but Hugh held me back.

"You're no fun! Come on, do another one with me." He pleaded as he made a terrible sad impression of a puppy.

"Fine. Please don't do that face again. You're ugly." I said with a stony expression.

Hugh just laughed as he handed me another shot. I stifled a smile and raised our glasses together. We both took the shot as we shivered from how strong the alcohol was.

"Okay, I definitely need a beer." I told him.

"I think I'm going to go dance and find myself a stud. Be back in a bit." He winked at me and just left. I shook my head then proceeded to get my drink. I walked up to the bar and ordered a bottle of beer from the bartender. It took him a while to get back with my order but I just waited for him until he served my drink. I then felt a hand slipped around my waist. I stilled as I felt him pull me against his broad chest.

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