A/N Sorry

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hey Love's im really sorry but i wont be updateing tomarow cause i got a game that starts at 12 and ends at 2 and then i got a date with one of my team mates his name is Roy hes just so sweet! and we are going at 3 so that only gives me an hr to fined something to were and do my hair and makeup along with a manypedy with my sister!!! and i wont be back until 6 and then i have a gig (consert/ cafe playing with the band) down at the Cafe im not putting its name but thats at 7 so i have to chaing my entier aperince again and then go do that ends at like 8 i geuse pluss im staying out to party at my grand dads cabin with some of my girl friends so i wont be home till like 11! and no my parents done care cause there out on biznes trips far away so like yeah!!!! and my brothers cant stopn me cause i got them dates!!!! i have a life and jamie was there when roy asked and saying he was pissed is an understaitment but i dont care!


by Love's i will update tonight and on monday around 10 KK by ~Marcel

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