18. Reunite

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 The emotions I was expecting from the Bangtan Boys ranged from incredulity to shock.

I don't anticipate tears.

But indeed, tears fill Hoseok's, Jimin's, and Jin's eyes so suddenly I'm the one in who's both incredulous and in shock.

Yoongi stares wide eyed at the ceiling, but his eyes are glassy while both Jungkook and V seem to look away, hair obscuring their faces. Namjoon just covers his face.

"TaeTae? Taehyung? Are you okay, baby?" Ho-sung exclaims, worry spreading across her features.

The bodyguard, I guess he never did fall asleep, touches Yoongi's shoulder, who quickly and roughly brushes away his hand. "Who are you?" He challenges me.

"I told you my name is Song Nari," my voice cracks a little. I am so baffled by their reactions. Why are they crying?

"No, I mean who are you?" Yoongi takes a step towards me and his bodyguard instantly lays a firm hand on him, stopping him.

My head ache is gone, instead there's a clarity in my head that has never been there before. Thoughts from the past reality buzzes in my head like never before. I've recalled moments and thoughts from the past reality before, but never like this.

"I'm the one who shattered reality and created the mess in the first place," I say softly.

Namjoon sits down and all the other members standing follow his lead, whether unconsciously or not I don't know. They all sit down on surrounding tables. Hoseok has a hand pressed to his mouth as he seems to try to control his emotions.

"Please don't cry," I beg weakly.

Jin shakes his head. "There's something..." he doesn't finish his sentence, but all the members seem to know what he's talking about.

"Who are we?" Namjoon has finally recovered. "It's suddenly like something's been taken from me, I feel like my identity is no longer the same. What is this?"

"Tell us everything," Taehyung joins Namjoon's questions. He's fighting hard to get his emotions under control.

Even 4D Taehyung is human just like me. Just like everyone else here.

So I do. I tell them about BTS, about themselves in the other reality. I tell them how close they all were, how much love they got from everyone, and went through more difficult times together. I also point out each one's position in the band. I go on to tell them of how realities became messed up, because of my actions. I also explain briefly the friendship part of the whole situation.

By now, most of the tears are finally gone, though Hoseok's eyes are slightly puffy. I sort of want to go over and hug him, I hate seeing the sunshine crying. All the members are paying attention, and there's a shift in the atmosphere.

"It doesn't make sense," Namjoon shakes his head slowly back and forth. "This type of thing doesn't happen. It's not possible."

But all the other members are looking at each other in different ways now. They're all confused and torn, and I hate how this all happened because of me.

"Sir, it's past eight thirty," Yoongi's bodyguard says softly.

Yoongi shoots him a dark look. "Does now look like a good time to walk out?"

"Uh, actually, yes," the bodyguard stammers.

Yoongi is clenching the back of his chair so tightly I'm a little nervous that he's going to crack it or something.

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