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"All This Fake Love got me damaged I can't take it I just popped another xanax" - y.t


"Oh my gosh! Nba young boy! Can I get a picture with you" A little girl that looked about 10 Came Up To me.

"Yeah" I smiled at her and then looked towards the camera which what looked like her mom was holding.

"Can you sign my arm" she asked me jumping up and down.

"Ion got no pen" I looked at her.

"Here I got a sharpie" she handed me the sharpie and then held her arm out.

After I signed it she squealed and hugged me before her momma called her back.

"Alright youngboy probably have stuff to do baby come on" she said.

"Bye!" The Girl Yelled And waved at me, I waved back and started walking back to my Tesla.

My plans for the day was to go over to NeeNee's house for Christmas and spend the day with her and I also wanted to get My kids. so now I was on my way home to go get dressed and get NeeNee's presents.


"Mommyyy!!"I Yelled And jumped up and down.

"What the fuck is you yelling in my house at 6 o'clock in the Damn morning for" she sat up in her bed.

"I GRADUATED!!" I Yelled again and jumped on her bed.

"What How" She looked confused.

"They said I got all my credits and stuff so I graduated early" I cheesed hard.

"Ohhh shit, I got a smart ass daughter" she smiled and pulled me into a hug.

Im so happy that mean I can start the new year off with no school and it's Christmas Day? Best Christmas present everrr.

"Ok now get out let me sleep" she pushed me off the bed making me mug her but then leave.

As I walked Into the kitchen I seen kd sleep on the couch with teen titans go playing on the TV.

I looked over at the tree and looked at all of the gifts under it.

"Damn this a big ass gift" i mumbled and touched it.

KD jumped up and started swinging at me so I put my set up.

"Kd What is you doing" I asked and stepped back.

"Don't touch my gift" he mugged me.

"Nigga, you don't even know if that's yours" I rolled my neck.

"I know it's mines I already detected it" he crossed his arms.

"Nobody even got you nothing" I Told Him and started to walk away.

"Foreal" He Asked Looking Hurt.

"Nah I got you some stuff" I assured him and went into the freezer to take out some Fluffy Cinnamon Eggo Waffles.

"aww, you are nice" he rubbed my back.

"Ew don't touch me I don't know where yo fingers been" I looked at him like he was crazy.

"They been in my ass" he looked at me weirdly.

I set the waffles into the toaster and put the rest that were in the box back Into the freezer.

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