Chapter 15 - pack your bags

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Kai POV:
I watched y-n slowly eat her food, savouring every last little bit, until Chen broke my concentration on
y-n "I thought you had ban her from food Kai" her head shot up to find the source of the voice then she looked back down at her bread "I did and she isn't getting any dinner tonight, we had a chat before coming here didn't we y-n" she looked up at me and nodded "words y-n" she gulped and replied "yes Kai" I smiled at her and she went back to eating her bread, I remained looking at her innocence. Chen once again broke my o

Your POV
I was just getting to the good part of the book before Kai had to come and interrupt me "it's time for dinner you know" I put my book down and sighed "yes Kai".
(Time skip- at the table)
"Is everybody packed for tomorrow" a boy whose name I learnt was Suho spoke gathering everyone's attention, I didn't look up but I heard everybody say yes including Kai "good, we should probably not go to sleep late tonight we have an early morning following" Suho spoke with much authority just like Chen.

Kai POV:
After excusing ourselves, leaving the table and all saying our goodbyes to each other we started to all walk back to our rooms  I held onto y-n's hand as we walked, I gave her clothes i had left out earlier for her to wear tonight and sent her to the bath room to change and clean her teeth, she walked out and handed me the clothes she has had on in a neat folded pile I put them on the floor and she began walking into her small room in the corner, she walked in and closed the door. I went to get into my bed but found her book she had been reading still sitting onto of the covers picking it up I silently walked over to my rucksack, which I had also left out to put my laptop and things in, I slid in the book into the main pocked so she could read later.

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