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Dear Smartasses,

Story time. Abby said this was ok to tell you.

So Abby told us about her childhood. Before she went to the orphanage and all.

She was born to a family that wanted a boy to carry on the family name. Soon after, something happened to her mother, and her mother could never give birth to another child.

Her parents blamed her for everything that went wrong and as long as Abby could remember, physically abused her. She would have bruises all over her torso, and this was all before she was 7 years old. When she was 7 years old, on October, one of her teachers decided she was worried about Abby.

She called in a parent conference, and told her parents that Abby was a very anti-social child and often reacted with violence a lot, and asked is everything was alright. Abby was reading above her skill level. 

Her parents were very mad, and hurt Abby really bad. So bad, her torso was like a giant bruise, and covered in cuts.

Abby was running in P.E. the next day, when her shirt rose up a little. The P.E. teacher noticed and called her over. The teacher asked to see her stomach, and saw the bruises. She asked if her "Mommy and Daddy" did this, and Abby nodded.

The teacher took her to the counselor, where they called some people, but didn't tell Abby who.

A few days later, Abby was sent to the orphanage. She was 7  years old.

Her parents died a few years later. Abby went to their graves today, and took these fake roses. She also took cat food because there are some wild cats that are around there.


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