Chapter 14: Moving On

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Kaylas POV

Ever since we've gotten Tyler back I've been watching my surroundings like a hawk.

Bae shot that women she was a waste of our time. We were on the move to find one thing which is my baby and we did. So whoever tries to split our family up could catch these bullet without a doubt.


"What the hell!!" My daddy yelled.

I made the mystery women turn around after that bitch felt the head of my gun at her temple. " Any words before your dumb ass die bitc-, Na- nana??" I stared at her face trying to figure out if it was really her.

To my supurise it was.

What the hell. This doesn't even make since. Why would my own damn grandmother kidnapped my child. Why though?

I looked at my daddy then looked at Javan and back at the woman who I thought was the only mother figure I had.

I was mentally trying to piece together what I was going to say to her ass, but my daddy was the one to speak first.

"What the living hell you think you doing momma, why you stealing your grandchild and abrusing him and hurting your own family?"

He started walking to her but everytime he steps closer she acted weird asf. Is she, is she on that stuff? got to be.

"Look Baby. I was in need of some-some medicine. So I got some loans from the man I'd been dating for 4 years. He would buy me drugs and other stuff I wanted. In return I hadbto do anything he asked." She scratched at her pale skin, twitching self consciously.

"It was good until he had heard my convo with a friend, who turnt out to be his enemy which was his enemy. But-but i didn't know. He got real drunk after that. He picked a fight with me, he choked me, gave my a black eye and even tried to throw me off the balcony. I have no choice but to do this or he'll kill me." He flesh began to peel as she dug deeper into her fresh scars.

"Son, I'm broke. And baby- baby I have lung cancer and HIV. I'm not gonna live long unless I do this and get the money to pay him for my medicine. I knew y'all had the money and would do anything to get him back. I- I figured I do this get the money and run away. If anything went wrong y'all could always make another one. Yuh know?"

We all just looked at her crazy, tf she thought this was criminal minds?

For her to even think that we'd understand why she was doing this was truly insane.

"He told me I have until today to get this boy there because he has unfinish business for lovely Kayla and I need money to get my fix. So I took him from y'all."

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