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Hi guys

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Hi guys. Please let me start with the fact that I am so grateful if anyone is still reading this story. It's my fault for not updating as much as I said I would and as much as I wanted to. A couple of things have happened in my life recently but none worth mentioning because it all comes down to not writing as much as I could be. Thank you for being patient if you were, and I hope you can still enjoy this story. 


Translations will be added as comments on the lines (as I saw someone cleverly do)


"So, because Thanksgiving is an American Holiday I really think I should visit you on Christmas." I push the door of the fridge closed, carrying the jug of milk to the table where my bowl of cereal is waiting.

"Hmm," Mom's voice fills the air, her cup of coffee the only thing that is focused on my phone screen while she prepares her breakfast, "but then who will your dad spend Christmas with?"


"She lives a day away."

"Yeah and he should visit her more often." Mom walks into frame taking her cup of coffee and drinking from it. She's wearing a dark blue blazer over her coral button down shirt, her hair up in a ponytail.

"We'll see what happens, I don't want him to be alone." I shrug, taking a spoonful of my cereal. It's not like I want to leave dad alone in Christmas either, but I didn't get to visit mom last year.

"Aren't you running late?" I ask her, "Your students are going to get there before you."

She rolls her eyes.

"Ay si, they should use the time I'm not there to actually do their homework instead of asking for an extension" Mom teaches English classes at a private school in Monterrey, and while it does not have the best pay, it gives her enough money to pay for rent. "How are your classes?"

"Good," I respond, through a mouthful of food and by the look she gives me I know she doesn't like this.

"Have you joined any clubs this semester?'


"The History Club, yeah," I see her checking her phone which tells me she is running late.

"Do you like it?"


"Yeah, it's fun and Carlos is in it."

"Oh, that's great. Well corazón  I gotta go, I'll message you later."

"Ok Mami, mucho cuidado." I send her a flying kiss and she returns it before hanging up, her image freezing up and then going black, allowing me to see the messaging app and the red notifications popping off its corner.

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