tmnt x sister reader!

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this is my first x sister reader so if it sucks to bad!


(y/n) your name

(e/c) eye color

(h/c) hair color



(y/n)'s P.O.V

i was just siting up on the roof of my old howm befor they kicked me out saying i was 'uslles' and 'dumb' what do you want from me im only 7! "why cant anyone just see me for me!" i winned "hey... are you ok?" someone asked from the shadows 'i dont trust the dark.' "go away." i said "were are your parents?" another voice said "dead." i said "aw thats to bad." a younger soinding voice said "(Y/N) GET YOUR USLLES ASS IN HERE YOU PICE OF SHIT" Grenda my evil foster mother said "GO EAT CAT POOP !" i screamed as i started to cry "hey... its ok... you can come with us! right Leo?" "yeah come on squrt." he said picking me up "wow you turtls!" i said "yeah kid and your a humman!" the one with the red mask says "its human not humman!" i said

***time skip to 2 years later***

its been 2 years since i started living with my brothers and father "RAPH!!!!" i screamed as mikey took my T-phone that i was using to text April for help on homework "what shorti?" he asked "Mikey took my phone and wont give it back and i was talking to April for help cause Shell no's were donnie is >:[" i said "Mike give it back and plusd there comeing over later "but she wont listen to how we found icecreem kitty." mikey puited "fine just give it back and ill listen big bro!" i said


hi Love's yes its me Marcellus im back and my brother got a new car so its like all he talks about *sigh* i cant drive so i bum rides off of him for chores or help on school work "yeah a 17 year old needs help so he comes to me the 13 year old!" Jason Jason Jason gtg my brother Richard jujst got home by Love's ~Marcellus!

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