Chapter One-Meeting Them

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There will be some Norwegian, using Google Translate.

{Your P.O.V.}

You slam your fist on the blaring alarm clock. You didn't want to go to school today. Honestly, you never wanted to go to school. Your twin brother knocked on your door.

"C'mon Y/N! We gotta go to school!" Torm yelled.

"Noooooooooooo!" You groaned.

"I'll get Dad and Papa!" Torm playfully threatened.

"NOOOOOOOOO!" You shouted. You opened your eyes. You and Torm were considered odd because you had one
E/C eye and one black, and he had one silver eye and one black eye. Torm giggled and you heard more voices from outside your door.

Oh no oh no I'm screwed-

Your Dad kicks your door open. You cling to your mattress as your red-hoodie-wearing Papa tries to pull you off your bed. Torm is currently helping your Papa and Dad drag you off your bed and throw you in your closet.

You quickly put on undergarments, a gray t-shirt, a purple hoodie, and black leggings. You put on the silver locket that your dads and brother had gotten you for your birthday. You burst from the closet.

"Okay okay I'm up I'm up!" You pant.

"Wheee! That was fun!" Torm shouts.

"I think you woke up the neighbors." Dad says.

"Breakfast time!" Papa drags you and Torm down the stairs. You and Torm put your things in your backpacks while Papa and Dad make pancakes.

You fix Torm's hair, putting it in it's 'devil horns' style, like Papa's. You brush your own hair and throw Torm into a seat and sit next to him as Dad and Papa toss you both some pancakes. You are an extremely violent family.

You and Torm eat your pancakes like it was the Civil War and a doctor was coming to saw your legs off. You both washed off your plates so you would be stuck with less chores later. You grab light jackets and scarves and open the door.

"Bye my beautiful children! I love you!" Papa yells.

"I love ya' kids!" Dad calls. Your dads kiss your foreheads.

"Love you too Papa and Dad!" You both reply in unison.

You and Torm talk as you walk to your school on the chilly autumn day. You discuss who's gonna do what chores, different kinds of homework, who had to clean the cat litter, favorite and least favorite teachers. Then you finally arrive at your school.

"Oh! I want to introduce you to some of my friends!" Torm says. "It's gonna snow soon, and before then I wanted to show you a special place!" [Sorry if it doesn't snow where you live]

"This is why I love you, dear brother." You remark. You shiver and he leads you to the soccer field, where two people were waiting.

"Hey, Torm!" A cute boy with ginger hair, teal eyes, freckles and a can of cola runs up to the two of you. He was wearing a green hoodie and a purple overcoat. He also had on black pants. He had a British accent. You blushed slightly and hid behind Torm. "Is this your sister?"

"Yeah, her name is Y/N! C'mon Y/N, say hi!" Torm stepped aside to reveal you. You were incredibly short compared to him.

"Hallo, mitt navn er Y/N." You say in Norwegian.

"Uh, Y/N, he doesn't know Norwegian." Torm reminds you. "You only speak Norwegian when you're nervous. Don't worry. He wouldn't hurt a fly." He whispers the last part.

"Oh. Hi, my name is Y/N." You repeat, just in English.

"Hi Y/N! My name is Medd." He smiles warmly. You give him a small smile.

"Pleasure to meet you." You say.

He kisses your hand. "Pleasure's all mine." He flirts and you blush. Torm glares daggers at Medd for a second. The other person, who was a female, walks over.

"Hey, name's Frost." She had snowy white hair, ice blue eyes and vampire pale skin. "Nice to meet 'cha." She had a thick midwestern accent.

"Hi, I'm Y/N." You respond.

She shakes your hand and gives you a small candy cane. "I made it myself."

You gladly take the sweet and put it in your lunch. You smile at them.

"Okay, now Y/N and I have to be somewhere, bye!" Torm says.

You glance back at Medd and Frost. They waved at you. You gave them a quick wave and sprinted to keep up with your twin brother. You looked back one more time to see Frost pull out a giant candy cane and chase Medd around the soccer field with it. You silently wished Medd good luck and kept walking with Torm.

"Okay, we have ten minutes left so we have just enough time to visit the place." Torm checks his watch. He pulls you along and you finally stop in a small field of sakura trees and F/F. It was beautiful.

"Torm! How did you know I like this?" You ask.

"I looked at your computer history." He says.

"Tell anybody what you saw there and I will throw you in the fire place and say THE CAT DID IT." If he had an anime expression on, there would be three drops of sweat on his forehead. "But I'm too nice."

He relaxes. "We gotta get to class before we're marked late."

"Race 'ya!" You say and start running.

You-luckily-make it to homeroom on time, just as the bell rang. You sit down at your desk and begin to zone out as the teacher drones on about something or whatnot. Finally, the bell rings for second hour. You and Torm had the same classes for everything except for ELA and chemistry. Next class-math.

You and Torm made your way to the next class. Certain people eye you as you walk next to your brother. You inched closer to Torm. You knew they wanted to hurt you.

You and Torm finally arrived at your class. Torm open the door for you, but you slapped his hand.

"I can open doors, dear brother." You sassed him. Your teacher watched the whole thing and laughed quietly. You entered the class and took a seat, Torm sitting next to you.

The teacher blabbed on about math or something like that. You got all the information, being the okay student you are. The bell rang and you stepped outside the classroom. Chemistry. The worst time of day.

You and Torm parted ways. You quickly walked to your class, but just before you reached your class you were picked up by your sweatshirt and pinned against a metal locker.

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