Fifteen ~ Insane For Your Safety

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Song: Can't Help Falling - Haley Reinhart cover

He stands with a terrifying sternness to his gait. At a far away glance one might think William Kloss was made of pure stone or marble. Karlie finds she's gaping at him in startled fear. He gives her an unamused grunt and walks passed his daughter.

"What's gotten you in such a rush. It's pitch dark outside," Karlie's father murmurs as he enters the kitchen and turns on the coffee maker.

"I...I need to go out," Karlie stammers, knowing it's a very vague answer. And a stupid one all the same.

"You can't," William says in that monotone drone that only soul crushed businessmen can achieve, "I received a community alert on my cell. There's been a shooting. We stay indoors until further notice."


"I don't think I heard you argue with me, Karlie, so I will say nothing after that," William says in a slow and warning tone.

Karlie feels like she's going to pass out right there from the pressure. Taylor could be in trouble right now. Taylor could be dead right now. Karlie's last words would be an argument. A command for Taylor to leave her home. Karlie can feel her knees failing merely thinking about it. A terrifying silence has fallen upon the scene.

But her fight or flight instincts kick in full force. Karlie grabs her keys on the coat hooks in the hall and bolts. She nearly trips on the way out after William yells at her in that scary dad voice she despises so much. But she keeps going, sprinting down the stairs and out the main foyer, through the security gates and down the street. Karlie's hair is flowing behind her like a flag in the breeze. Metaphorically a red one in this case. She can hear sirens all around her, all heading for Star Park presumably. Helicopters are gliding through the sky above her. Some have news stations printed on the sides. Some have police symbols.

Karlie runs to the train station, which police have surrounded. Passengers are being boarded one by one, speedily questioned and frisked before being allowed to do so. Karlie throws herself in line and when her time comes to be questioned she's a blubbering, tearful mess.

"I'm Karlie," she wails to the middle aged police woman with greying hair and a concerned expression, "I'm Karlie Kloss and I need to go home. I need to go home."

She's briskly seated on the train where she holds her head in her hands, deep breathless sobs escaping her lungs like it's her job. She thinks somebody pats her shoulder but she doesn't look up. When she does it's because the train is moving. She notices that nobody is talking, and that the ones who are do so in hushed voices. A few passengers are staring at Karlie, pity in their faces. Most likely concerned that she has lost someone in Star Park. Karlie desperately hopes they're wrong.

At Star Park she has to go through the same procedure of questioning and pat downs. But she's slightly more collected now, perhaps subconsciously accepting whatever fate awaits her. Blue and red lights flash at Karlie's peripherals, almost mockingly as if they're adoring how distressed she is.

"Go straight home, miss," orders the young cop waiting outside the train. "And stay there until further notice. Keep your preferred news station on and lock all doors and windows, okay?"

"Yes," sniffs Karlie, "I will. Please, I want to go home."

She's let go and doesn't take another second to begin running. She knows Star Park like the back of her hand. Crystal Street, Dragon Eye Avenue, Red Wyvern Way. Karlie sprints past them all, mentally reciting the route to Taylor's house in her head. Her feet splash into puddles on her way, destroying her jeans. She hadn't even noticed it was raining.

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