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Pen Your Pride

"dakota!" my mother yells from downstairs.

"yes mamá?" I answer.

"I'm leaving in 2 minutes, if you want a ride hurry up!" She yells.

great. first day back from summer break and already being rushed.

"bien ser de esa manera" i mutter under my breath. (fine be that way)

"i heard that!"

i quickly head back into my room and grab my Nike bag and head out.



i race outside and get in the car.
we being driving to school.

"thanks mamá!" I kiss mum, and head outside.

as i arrive i already see a familiar face, my best friend Eliza.
We run up and give each other a hug.

"Girl you looking fineeeee!" I smile.

"Omg! So do you, you got your braces off! Eliza laugh.

I begin laughing too then somehow Eliza took a photo of me!

"You have to post that!" She demands.

"Fine!" I laugh.

@ItzDakotaGray school vibes 😻tagged - @Elizabrocksoffic

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@ItzDakotaGray school vibes 😻
tagged - @Elizabrocksoffic

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"You ready to be back at school?" I ask Eliza as we walk through the halls.

"Yeah." She says.

we continue to chat until somehow I end up on the floor.


"Watch it!" She grins.

"puta." I mutter.

"What was that?" She sasses.

I had built up all the courage to talk back to her in my mind but the words never come out of my mouth.


"that's what I thought! Come on girls!" She and her 'group' giggle as they walk away. 

Eliza helps me pick up my stuff and we head to our lockers.

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