17. Rebuild

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Jimin chokes on his water. "You want me to what?" he stammers in shock.

I give a nervous laugh. "I want you to please, please come to the festival tonight," I repeat myself. "I wish to apologize to all of you for my actions the other day."

"No, no, I got that," Jimin shakes his head. "I meant the Agust D part. What?"

"Can you please come with me and Jungkook to personally extend the invite to Min Yoongi-ssi, even though it may get us both thrown out of the building literally," I almost mumble sheepishly.

Jimin stares at me. "What did you do to piss off Agust D and his company?" He asks incredulous.

"I was bit on the assertive side that lead to the bad side of the company," I am full on mumbling now.

"Jimin, please," Jungkook speaks up for me now. "At least we can try."

"Um, meeting a celebrity and instantly giving a bad impression to him? No thanks!" Jimin smacks his water bottle down on the table for emphasis.

We're at a picnic table just on the edge of the Seoul Institute of the Arts campus. Jungkook's idea is to reinvite everyone to the festival event tonight as an 'apology' to all of them, when we are actually also trying another attempt to get everyone together. I thought it was a great plan, and now I'm faced with Jimin proving it may not be any easier than the last time to get the Bangtan Boys back together.

"Why don't you just send an email or something to Agust D as an apology?" Jimin points out the obvious, most simple solution.

Unfortunately the obvious and simple solutions will not work in my case, though I'd love it if it did.

"I want to show my sincerity to him," I stammer.

"Then just go up to him in person and apologize," Jimin is finding all the simple solutions. "In fact do that to all the boys. Don't try to invite them to anything again."

"Will you go tonight?" I ask, hesitant.

"Yeah, I'll go, definitely. I just don't know about the others."

"We can at least try," I say firmly.

"Will you even manage to get to all of them in one day?" Jimin eyes me skeptically.

I pull out my phone coyly. "Let me introduce you to the iPhone. I got all their contacts in here."

"Let me introduce you to 'blocking'. The boys might have blocked your number," Jimin replies smoothly. He instantly looks a little apologetic for his words.

I stifle a groan. I hope none of the boys have blocked me. I don't want to try and find them all again or anything. The only reason why I want Jimin to come with Jungkook and me to Agust D's office again is because I feel like if I have two other people with me who are involved in this whole project, and we all plead to Yoongi, we might stand a better chance to convince him to come. Maybe it's just wishful thinking.

"Please Park Jimin," I bow to him.

"No don't bow!" Jimin suddenly becomes flustered. "Alright I'll help you. But I plan on emailing your teacher later this week. What kind of extra credit is this?"

"She has an F minus in the class," Jungkook grins.

"I do not!" I shoot daggers with my eyes in Jungkook's direction. 

"Easy, easy, don't fight," Jimin sighs. "Okay, when do you want to head over to Agust D's studio?"

"As soon as possible," I say immediately. "I want to try and get this over as soon as possible."

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