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I woke up with the worst headache ever. I obviously cried myself to sleep. Ugh, the headache you get after bawling your eyes out is just terrible! I was up, but honestly, I just wished I didn’t wake up. I just want to get away from the world.

I grabbed my phone by the sidetable to see 136 messages and 208 mails.

What the hell was this??

I immediately checked the first text. It was from Ally, my best friend all the way from London.

“EMILY! WHAT IS THIS I’M HEARING??? YOU AND TYLER BROKE UP? I called up Ty and he said you guys reached a mutual decision to call it quits! What’s that about, ems?? I thought you guys were fine!” yeah, I thought so too al. “please reply asap”

I was confused, why that reason?? I turned on the tv to see “Tyler Grayson & Emily Walcott BREAK UP” all over the tv. What I next saw just took me by surprise!

“Tyler Grayson’s side has released a statement saying: Emily and I have decided to call it quits. It was a mutual decision between the both of us. As for the reason, both our camps have decided that only the both of us should know what happen and we hope it stays that way. We’d like to thank all the fans who have always come to support us. May we both be able to overcome this challenge in our lives as we now go separate ways”

WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT? BLOODY LIES!!! Oh the nerve of that guy!!! It wasn’t a mutual decision and my camp definitely didn’t say a thing! URRRRGHHHHH!

I was just mad. I even forgot how sad I was that I just ended my relationship with a guy that I loved so much!

As I scroll down my texts I see a text from Liam

“hey Ems. You were right. we would find out. It’s all over the news. All of us lads are really worried. Hope you would feel better. We would visit you but we have the show to prepare for and we leave LA tomorrow already. Just text us if you need anything. Xx”

I just wanted to cry! I just don’t know anymore. I feel so defeated. I was helpless. I hated this.


A few days after. I had managed to muster up the strength to go out in public. I had explained to Ally, Lucy and some of my closest friends, including my manager what really had happened and they were just as stunned as I am. Almost every day, I had loads of paparazzi following me around bugging me with questions. I was defenseless actually. I couldn’t say anything about Tyler cheating on me because I just couldn’t. I hated him but I didn’t want to ruin him. Besides, no one would believe me. I’m just the model girlfriend while Tyler’s obviously the more famous one. They would all just believe him and I’d just look like the terrible liar, attention-seeking bitch.

It was hard. Every day was such a struggle. Not to mention that just a week after the break up, Tyler was already seen walking hand in hand and making out with Hayley in public.

Two weeks after the break up, I was already preparing for an ad shoot that I was going to do and for a runway show when suddenly, Livy, my manager calls me up.

“Hey Ems. Look, I know you’re still not feeling better but I’m sorry to bring to you another bad news. The brand you were doing an ad and a runway show for just dropped you. They said because you weren’t Tyler’s girl anymore. I know it’s petty, and believe me, I tried my hardest to fight for you but they just wouldn’t snap. I’m sorry Ems.”

I heard this and literally, my heart just stopped. GREAT! Even this whole break up has a huge effect on my career!

After the brand dropped me, my agency basically stopped fighting for me. It was only Livy, my manager who stood up for me. A few weeks after, I’ve learnt that my agency didn’t want to renew my contract anymore. They said I was nothing after Tyler.

That hurt my ego. That bastard seriously just ruined my career, wasn’t it already enough that he shattered my heart in pieces?!?!

So yes, now, I’m an unsigned model. And basically, almost everyone thinks I’m a loser for not getting a rebound as fast as tyler did, and for not booking any shows or ads.


*A few weeks after*

The month of June was now fast approaching and yet I’m still unsigned. I broke up with Tyler last April and have I moved on over him? yes! THANK GOD! But am I still mad? Definitely! I still wanted to punch his lying face every time I saw him.

For weeks now, I’ve been diligently going to go-sees to different agencies around California but nothing seemed to be working right at all. Nothing was falling in its place.

Until One day, I get a call from Livy.

“Emily! Guess what! I just got off the phone with the director of MSI Models, UK and they really want to sign you. I’ll email their whole offer! I think it’s really good for you! They have a lot of things lined up for you and they want you to be their brand carrier. Think about it Ems. This is really good for you.”

MSI Models, UK?? Are you serious, I never even applied for them so they probably just found me! A few seconds after, I received the email from Livy. And holy crap was she right! it was the perfect contract any model could ask for! I had a such a high pay, such good ads to do and it was just  bloody perfect!

But the catch was, I’d have to move out of LA and live in London. Could I do that? I mean, I know it’s home to me. But am I ready? I’m gonna be basically living alone. I wanted to say yes, but I just had to rethink.

I got my phone and typed in:

“Hey Liv, what an amazing contract but I don’t know Liv, living in London alone? I just have to rethink it first. I’ll text you my decision tomorrow. Xx”

I got home and immediately confided with my parents

“Darling, this is a really opportunity for you. You can’t pass this up! Think of it as a new challenge. Don’t worry about us, anyways, we will also visit you there. You should really take this” was all my Dad could say

“Mum?” I asked

“Honey, you should go. I think this is a sign for you. Your hometown wants you back. The past few months have been terribly hard on you and nothing has been going your way, maybe moving to London would mean a fresh new start! A better future with better outcomes”

I hate to admit it. But my mom was right. I did feel like this would be good way to start fresh and forget the horrifying months I’ve had here in LA.

As soon as I woke up I texted livy: “I’ll take it.”

I then took to twitter my new announcement:

“ @ItsEmilyWalcott: it’s official. I’m signed to MSI UK. Moving to London in a few days! “

A lot of my fans immediately reacted. A lot of them were happy for me and that made me happy.

Oh well, guess finally something positive just happened! HOPE it stays this way though!

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