Episode 6: Cousins

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"It's to im-" before he could finish his sentence I had already thrown the ball.

And I hit all three bottles. Jungkook—with his mouth wide open—was in shock. "H..How did you? whaaa!" I giggled at his questioned face. "Hey! stop laughing at me" he said in his adorable childish voice. While the pout sat on his face something suddenly caught his eye. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me all the way to the rude that caught his eye. The Fairs Wheel. He looked like he was really excited about going on it.

We got on and I stared deeply into the beautiful view. While I was enjoying the view I got a text from my mom.
Hey honey

Hey mom

You need to go to your aunties house. You will be living there for the rest of your high school and maybe if you go, college years. You will also meet your cousins.
Me and you father will be moving to America. We've already taken your stuff to her house you just need to go there. I love you Hun.

Ok mom. I love you too. I hope to see you soon and I'll visit whenever I can, I promise.

Ok sweetheart. I also hope to see you soon! I love you very much and so does your father.

I love you guys very much too. Bye mom!

Bye sweets.

I turned my head as a felt kinda upset. Jungkook could tell something was wrong and gave me a curious look. I shook my head as I saw him looking at me—telling him nothing is wrong.

He looked away and there was an awkward silence—it was unbearable. I decided to talk since I couldn't handle the silence. "Ummm hey, Jungkook..."


"Can we go home now?..."

"Yeah sure do you live near here?"

"Umm yes but I going to be living with my auntie from now on."

he month an 'O'. "Umm ok, let's get a taxi then."

"ok I'll pay!"

"Nope. Not happening"


"I'll pay"

"That's ok I'll pay. You payed for everything already."

"It wouldn't be a good date if you had to pay, now would it?" He asked with the slyest smile I've ever seen. We ended up arguing about who would pay—he won...

Jungkook POV
We got in the taxi car and sat down. She had said that her aunt lived like 20 mins away according to her mom.

After ten minutes of driving I felt something heavy on my shoulder. I looked over and saw Y/n—who had fallen asleep on me. "How cute" I said without knowing.

After we got to the house I woke her from her small nap."Y/n.." I said as I poked her cheeks. She rubbed her eyes as she woke. " We're here, sleep head!" I got out and she followed. When I got out i rolled my shoulders. I looked at the house it looked really familiar. It looked like one of my friends home. I just shrugged it off because there's a lot of look alike houses around. We got to the front door and she stopped.
"Thank you for tonight! It was fun!"

"Your welcome! I'm glad you liked it!"

"Here!" she said as she handed me the stuffed bunny. I gave her a confused look. "It's so you can remember our first date!" she said.

" Ok I'll take it but next time I'll win you the stuff bunny! I promise."

"Ok! We'll see!" she said as she gave me a peck on the lips. And with that she walked inside.

Your POV
I walked in side to be greeted by my aunt. "Hi auntie!" I said happy to see her.

She was sat on the couch and gave a big smile when she saw me. "Hi Y/n! I'm so happy you'll be living with us! My boys always wanted to have a little sister. I'm sure they'll love have you live with us!'' she stated. "Would you like to meet them?"

"Of course!"

"Ok, BOYS!!!" she yelled for them.
Then two boys came down stairs. "Boys this is your cousin, Y/n." I met eyes with one of the boys. Instantly I noticed who it is. "You're my cousin?!" we both yelled.

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