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( chapter fourteen - dig dug )


"if you both aren't home in an hour—"

"walking home, yeah yeah. we know." macy answered billy back in an attitude, causing billy to glare.

"hey! watch that attitude, shitbird. you be careful macy." billy yells at max the first, calming down when he talks to macy.

you could say that billy was biased of the two girls. he was macy's biological brother, and that he'd protect her always. she never caused trouble before and until max came. he began to change into the most demanding brother ever, and macy could tell.

the two girls hopped out of the car. max leans into the car to grab her skateboard, then slamming the door shut while macy scratched her head at the tension surrounding the step family. macy just wished that billy and max would get along for her.

billy sped off into the distance, resulting in max flipping him off from afar and in the air. macy laughs at max's actions while shaking her head. billy had just dropped the girls off at the town arcade, which was the same one they were in when max lost in the game of dig dug, still managing to beat her previous high score.

"hey max, i'm just gonna sit back and read this new book i got." macy assures max.

max nods, "i'll be playing dig dug."

macy walked over to an empty booth, dusting off any extra dirt that was on the tabletop. she hated when people left their tables dirty and messy after eating, not bothering to clean it up.

the new book macy was reading a book called The Color Purple by Alice Walker that had come out two years before. the novel intrigued macy within every page she read. it was about how the main protagonist, celie, tells God that she has been raped by her father and abused and how she's pregnant for the second time with his child.

she was yet to find out what else had happened, before max came down the aisle and into a room with the arcade's manager (or head employee, she really couldn't tell.) the manager was a middle-aged man, stuffing his face with cheetos. his name tag read keith.

macy grew curious as to why max was in the room. she noticed the manager leave the room her sister had entered. once he was out of sight, she slammed her book shut, holding it with her right hand and jogging towards the room.

"max what the hell would you be doing in here alone?" macy whispers to herself, checking the corners to see if anyone would see her.

before she notices the coast is clear, she presses her right ear against the door.

"sorry. i just needed a safe place." a boy's voice was heard, and macy furrows her eyebrows. without hesitation she barges into the employee room.

"what the hell is happening?" macy's sister instincts took over as she saw lucas standing next to max. she knew max was disappointed in what she was seeing.

"this fucking stalker tricked me into thinking the dig dug game out there was out of order, and that there was one in here but no," max argued and stared down at lucas, "he lied."

lucas was unsure of what to say and macy was trying to come up with something to say, but just couldn't think straight.

"well," macy began, "there probably is a reason why he did that, right lucas?"

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