Chapter 1

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Joshua watched somewhat cautiously as the reckless biker sped towards him, easily exceeding the speed limit he thought. He quickly shifted his bicycle a little back. Josh was certain the biker was about his own age of sixteen. The rider looked about his built, just a little smaller framed, but the guy knew how to handle his bike. Fascinated Josh watched as the biker curved his body low over the frame of the bike as he took the bend, his knee almost touching the tar as he drew closer to where Josh was standing.

It had rained earlier in the day. Murky puddles of water covered much of the street where Josh waited. On impulse he took a few more steps back, just incase he got spurted. He did not want his mother giving him another lecture about not keeping his uniform clean, but it seemed Josh's foresight was in vain as the biker deliberately veered right close by him spurting the muddy water over him. He felt a blob hit his cheek as well. Instead of getting angry, Josh calmly removed his backpack, placed it on the post box next to where he was standing and used his handkerchief to clean out his school trousers. Mom is so going to give it to me.

The rider observed a cyclist patiently waiting to cross the road. The visor dropped over the rider's helmet. Mischievously a smirk spread across the rider's face as the accelerator revved noisily. The motorbike accelerted closer towards the cyclist. The rider grinned wickedly as the boy stepped back too late, laughing under the helmet, pleased with the dirty deed for the hour. He was a different one, this one the rider thought. Normally the pedestrians or cyclists screamed blue murder when generously splurged by fancy artwork on their clothes. The rider decided he needed a second helping and turned around.

Josh looked up in shock as the crazy rider made a U Turn, and was coming towards him again. He moved again, well clear of more muck and adjusted his backpack on his shoulders. Now he was safe from anymore splattering. The rider screeched in front of him. When the helmet was removed and lengthy locks of blonde hair cascaded over very feminine shoulders, Josh's eyes bulged.

A girl!

Josh stared, his brown eyes bulging, not that he'd not seen girls on bikes, or girls looking very pretty in skinny jeans, but this girl rode a bike like a guy. Okay he was not chauvinistic, but come on, girls don't ride with such expertise. Not that he knew much. He had never owned a bike nor did he know how to ride one.

'Something the matter boy?' she questioned Josh. He was your typical looking teenager, average looking, average height, chocolate brown eyes and very short curly hair.

'You're a girl!' Of all the intelligent things to say. If he was in his bedroom, he would have smacked himself.

'No kidding!' she chewed noisily on her chewing gum and blew a bubble that snapped making a piercing sound on the quiet street.

'Er---excuse me. I need to get home,' Josh looked down at his sodden uniform.

'So you have a curfew or something?' She sneered. She knew who he was. She had seen him in the school corridor. Clearly he did not know her. Not surprising she had only joined the school last week.

'I have chores and an assignment,' he dashed away. 'You were going over the speed limit,' he accused over his shoulder.

'She shrugged arrogantly.

'You should obey the laws,' Josh pointed out politely.

'I don't follow laws or rules.' She placed her helmet back over her head.

'The law is there to maintain order,' Josh replied.

'So sue me,' she sped off noisily.

What a weird girl, Josh thought as he hurried home, hopefully to get out of his clothes before his mother got stuck into him. Josh wondered which school she attended. He'd not seen her at his school before. He would have known, she was that kind of pretty girl that a guy always looked twice at. She was pretty he reflected, lovely blonde hair. He did not like her unfriendly grey eyes though. She smelt trouble he thought. Probably won't see her again,' he dismissed as he tried to sneak up to his room.

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