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Leah, Don't Die

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Jake’s POV:

The way things are going between me and Nat, we won’t really last long. I tell her something she acts as if she never heard me, or does the exact opposite, and she knows how much it annoys me.

Right now, with her at the edge of a bridge and me trying to usher her down, she ignores me. She acts as if she can’t hear me, and after a while I believe it too. Until I told her she was drunk on Ribena.

Her mouth twitched into a smile but it was gone as fast as it came. People might have debated on whether she smiled or not, but I definitely saw her. And I was going to need to find out how she can come down.

Calming down long enough to get my head straight I ran into the nearest toilet, paying the 20p as fast as I could, and locked myself in.

Close your eyes, calm down, and feel the power flow through you. Empty your mind and think of nothing but her.

I felt my body slowly lifting in the air, the insides of my lid glowing from the light outside. Then, all of a sudden I felt the images come to me, first it was fuzzy, but then it came out bright and clear.

The new girl grinned at me; she had wonky yellowish teeth but a bright beautiful smile. Her lips were half full and a bit dry, but her eyes were a mesmerizing brown. She had brownish red hair that fell down her back in messed up waves, but she didn’t seem to care.

I wonder why she came here, the reason I came here was because I got abused, but that’s another story. It’s not as if anyone cared anyway.

Stacey came down with me to see what all the fuss was about, but when she saw that it was just a new girl she became bored and wanted to go pretty quickly.

It wasn’t the fact that she didn’t like new people, like she obviously showed, and didn’t have any intention to hide, she was extremely shy, and a new girl just meant another person to hide away from. But I didn’t want that, I wanted her to at least make one more friend, and I wanted it to be the new girl.

Amelia was her name, it was a beautiful name and she looked pretty lively, she had major mood swings but that depended on what she wanted, as I later found out.

“Jake, come on, I wanna go up. Now!”

I shake her off gently and tell her to hush, I hadn’t meant for her to feel as if I was ignoring her, because I wasn’t, honestly. It was just that something about Amelia caught my attention and the air around her held something pretty strong.

I didn’t see her as the type of person who would be confident about herself, she didn’t really look particularly pretty, but if she made an effort and did something with her hair, she would look pretty, at least.

“Hey, I’m Jake” I said grinning at her. She beamed back at me and said “hi” waving her hand awkwardly… when I say awkwardly I meant it would have been to anyone, but when she did it, it just made her look like she had a purpose in life.

Confidence was radiating of her skin, which was an olive/bronze type, she looked Mediterranean but she had a gold-ish tint to her skin.

“Okay Jake, since you were the first to introduce yourself, why don’t you show Amelia to her room, Stacey I’m sorry, but she’s going to have to share with you”

Stacey was trying to sneak up the stairs in the safety of her room when she stopped abruptly and bounced back, staring daggers at Mike. He looked uncomfortable and sort of gave himself a ‘what the fuck’ look then turned a stern eye at her.

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