Chapter 30

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Two down. Fates take it.

Lucas carefully laid Jace on his side, smoothing his hair back with an unsteady hand.

"He's just asleep, Fates take his hide."

Don't say that.

The words spun to the tip of my tongue and I swallowed them back again. Superstition wasn't welcome here, and snapping at Lucas would do nothing but upset us.

"Please," Adora murmured, slender fingers grasping.

I held her wrists with one hand, banding my other arm against her waist to keep her still. She'd been dragged to her feet when Lucas pulled Jace from her, and I'd had to keep her from him.

The look of loss on her face when we separated them...

"Please. Don't let me go. Keep the cold away."

"Fates, she's breaking my heart. Can you, or? Are we losing her? Should we try to wake her up or something?"

"Fuck if I know."

Lucas flinched.

I went on, fear spurring anger. "We're moving in entirely new territory. She hasn't drained Fenrir fully, which is promising, but she's somehow still in that trance. I would have thought peeling them apart would wake her up."

Her eyes were unseeing and glazed, like a sleepwalker, her movements languid but determined.

"You can't hold her forever," Lucas pointed out.

"I know."

"Maybe, if she takes mine too, she'll have enough and snap out of it."

"And that's probably how Desekthroi are created," I snapped. "Fates, I didn't know it would be like this. I thought it would be hard to tell her no, but doable. This? She might as well tear my heart out before I hand it over to her and let her turn into an abomination."

Lucas licked his lips, determination crystallizing in his gaze. "I'd stop you."

"You and which army? The same way you stopped Jace?"

"Jace is fine. He just needs to sleep it off. And have you seen him this happy and relaxed recently? It might not be all bad."

"Fenrir looked like he was walking to his death," I muttered.

"And we all know that he feels responsible for what's going on and that he's taking it the worst."

"True. And even then he looked like he was enjoying it for a while, when she started turning all pink and rosy."

"Are you or aren't you?" he asked.

I took a deep breath, let go of her waist, and caught her hand in mine, sliding my other hand up from her wrists to intertwine our fingers.

Need slammed into my gut like a fist and I understood why Fenrir and Jace had that dazed look on their faces. All-encompassing and drowning, there was nothing but her.

I could feel her, in me, within me, every heartbeat milking me.

"Fates." I couldn't hold back the groan. It was somehow sexual as fuck and more intimate than sex while being nothing like sex. Except my cock was hard as a spear and every pull from her hardened me further.


I shook my head with an effort, although it felt like I was swimming through honey.

"I can see how this is addictive. Fates."

"Don't get too sucked into it," he warned, and I nearly laughed. In a way it did feel like she was sucking on me. My cock twitched, my mind supplying the stretch to a blowjob, and every inch of my skin sensitized to the point where a stray breath could've made me come.

"She's not growing larger. Is that good or bad?"

Larger. Good or bad?

I tried to drag my mind back before I pounced on her and...

"Neutral. That probably means the eggs are big enough that she will need to birth them soon, which means less of a drain on her. On the other hand, we don't know that they're viable on their own right now."

Lucas nodded. "She's tiny. The whole thing is worrisome."

Much as I agreed with him, there was no help for it. "She's not going to grow any bigger even if we managed to put it off. I think she's a bit well past the age when she would still be growing."

Sweat beaded along my temple and my ears burned. Gods, was this what they felt? It couldn't have been. No way Fenrir could have kept that face straight if she had been giving him the psychic equivalent of a blowjob the entire time she was pulling from him. And Jace. Jace had been drunk on it, almost high, and his filter had gone to shit. If he had felt like this, no way could he have kept it to himself.

My dragon snorted, remembering, and reminded me of what he'd said.

I would have to talk to Jace later. How long had he been thinking that of my mother? That she didn't think he and Lucas were enough? That I needed a woman who could give me a child to be whole?

My dragon snorted again.

Did she? Was it true?

My head spun, light as a balloon released from a child's hand.

"I can't," I gasped. "Lucas. Take her."

Lucas hesitated for a moment before tugging her from my grasp.

I immediately doubled over, arms cradling my stomach when the band between us snapped and rebounded. A kick in the balls would have been kinder.


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