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"A Simple hello could lead into a million things"


Clenching the paper which use to be a letter in your hand. You walked slowly to the teacher's office. It was the least place you wanted to be.

The letter had your name written across it, in the middle with professional writing as if somebody had taken loads of care. On the top right corner was the school logo.

Trying to remember why you were even heading there in the first place. You opened the letter and read it again.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. (l/n),

It has came to my attention that your daughter, (f/n) (l/n), has been recently struggling in Maths. For the past year she has not being doing well. She is a very valued student at this school and it would be a shame to see her go into the end class.

Here were here placings for previous exams:

1A - 2nd

2A - 7th

It would be great if I could discuss some details with her regarding this important matter. Please meet me in my office when the time is right.

(random teacher name)

You walked towards the door knocking on it. You paused as you waited for a reply, the door soon opened with (r/t/n) smiling.

"Come inside let us discuss."

You bowed towards the teacher, walking past to the guest seat. Pulling the chair from the table to sat down and placed the letter on the desk.

"Recently, your grades have no being doing well. I will be blunt and honest but (y/n) you are a good student, I really like you. As a female role model you must have the very best scores."

"I think you will need a tutor to help you catch up on your maths. I have found a tutor for you. I do not wish to see you land in the disgraceful end class. I hope next year you will be in 3A, I wil do my best to help you."

Maybe it was good to end up in class 3E next year, to get away from Asano.

"This tutor's looks and personality may fool you but he is very good when it comes to maths"

"He does have a reckless behaviour and is in the end class unfortunately. If he never pranked people maybe he would be in Class A."

You only heard a few phrases, the information when through one ear and out the other like always.

'Reckless person, looks and personality, very good at maths.'

The door swung open with a young male. He had unusual red head. However, his crimson eyes intrigued you. They seemed to glow with a glint of mischievous and mystery.

Smirking the male spoke amused, "Hello there (y/n), my name is Karma Akabane and I'll be your tutor for maths for a month."

Great you were going to spend a month with the imfamous jerk Karma Akabane.

Little did you know that your patience and trust would be tested throughout your journey.



*Each character will have 10 stages hence the name 10 stages of love

*Updates will be at least once a week (most likely twice)

*This is for fun and no requests for characters will be taken

I can jump off a cliff right now, I had to write this three times rip. The first time it didn't save, the second the saving and revision history failed.

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