Chapter 11

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Leila and Kyle playing in tigerform.

Happy New Years!! I hope 2018 will bring nothing but good things and happiness!

Leila pov

I was actually a little nervous during that meeting, it's not like I care much about becoming a member of a pack or anything. But I strangely feel like I could stay here for a while, I would normally be antsy and starting to think about where to go next, but I'm not right now. I'm not gonna question it for now, I'll just enjoy my time here. And the handsome Lewis is really warming up to me, he's sending me heated looks and jumped at the chance to sit next to me in the car, I like it. I glimpse over at him and he really does look good. Black hair, dark skin, nice bulging muscles, really nice brown eyes and full kissable lips hiding white straight teeth. Yep, I certainly don't mind him warming up to me.

The car ride is short, only about 15 minutes and as we get to the lake I waste no time jumping out of the car. The smell of water fills my nostrils and I can feel myself relaxing even more. The lake has a sandy beach near the water, but the shore I mostly green grass and there's a high cliff on one side that has me eying it longingly. As the people who ran here start to change back they go to the cars and get out blankets and fold them out on the grass and get the food out of the baskets, one guy even lights a big fire. Wow, these guys have been to the lake before, they get everything ready in a matter of minutes.

Lewis has gotten a blanket down, so I walk over to where he is and strip out of my shorts and t-shirt, so I'm left in a bikini. I feel more than see his eyes trailing slowly up my body, and being a bit of an exhibitionist I'm loving the sound of his breathing and heartbeat picking up, and I can smell a hint of arousal in the air. As I turn around and face him I can see that his eyes are dark with lust, so I sit down next him and make sure my arm and leg touch his.

Just as I turn my head to talk to him we both tense when we hear a growl float through the air, we look around to find the source. Scanning the people around me my eyes fall to that douche Axel, he's glaring at us with anger coming off him in waves. What the hell is his problem? Is he disgusted that the dirty tiger is cozying up to a wolf? Lewis realized who the source was to and suddenly his body is stiff as a board. Then stammers out "uuuuh, I..I'm just ehh, gonna go swimming" then he runs off like he has the devil on his heels. Ok, that was weird, but whatever, I want to swim too.

I get up and go over to Kyle, he's practically sitting in his mates lap and they seem to be having a nice conversation while gazing at each other, lovestruck much? 

"Hey Kyle, did you notice the cliff over there?" I ask my brother with excitement in my voice. 

He looks at the high cliff perfect for jumping off of and leap to his feet, "let's go!" 

Anders creases his brow in confusion at the sudden move, "where are you off to?"

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