Chapter 13 - Not going anywhere

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Kai POV:
once nearly everyone on the table had finished there food we spoke about what we were going to do that day, I had lots of work to do in my office so arranged to just see 
y-n at lunch, with all the plans arranged we all stood up and began walking out the, I pushed my self of the seat using y-n's leg which my hand was still on, she whimpered slightly at the force but soon recovered, once stood up I reached out for her hand and yanked her out of her seat, we walked back to our room hand in hand.

I lead her to her small room in the corner and picked her up sat her on her own bed, I took out the small chain which was wrapped around one of the metal bed posts, she gasped when she realised and tried to crawl away to which I just grabbed her ankle and said "tying to run away again" she shook her head and stopped moving, I hooked the thick metal around her tiny ankle and stood up, she moved to sit in her original position on the bed, "the chain reaches to the bathroom and to one of the bed side tables and I should be back for lunch, you can use anything that you can reach" I kissed her head and left the room to go to my office.

Your POV:
It's been about an hour since Kai left and I was so bored, I had already gone as far as I could reach but I couldn't find anything that would help me to escape or entertain me for a while, I didn't evens know what time it was since there was no clock anywhere. I was sat on the floor by the large book shelf reading the book I had all ready picked out and started.

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