She can't date?! [Karma Akabane]

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I'm done with Wattpad, I have lost faith in humanity. I honestly don't give a fck if I can't upload gonna rebel and do it. Ignore me going on DeviantArt.


"Nee... Karma why don't you ever date?"

"I wonder why?" The red head replied back casually.

Puffing your cheeks as you were annoyed, "Well you're lucky to date now! Do you have somebody in mind though?"

"Yes," He smiled back.

"B-Baka! I can't date and you're lucky, my parents want me to wait till university." 

"Well there you have it, the girl I like can't date at the moment." 

"W-Wait what?!"

"She has my heart and when its time I'll date her~"

"I'll be waiting for you!~" 

Karma x Reader [Drabble]


Based on some prompt... smooth af Karma.

I really hate Wattpad, I can punch it if I was a physical thing. I will be on wattpad less often (I'll try to go on daily). School is starting soon and I don't want my grades to slip. This year is going to be worse than last year.

 This year is going to be worse than last year

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Caption: Degraded Performance. More like everything is under Maintenance and a Major Outrage. Don't You ficking lie to me.

Going to make some random new book ahahahaha. (publishing soon).

I've got too many ideas to publish on wattpad. Things I really hate on wattpad is when people have like 20 books with 1M reads and what are they about?! ABOUT ZODIAC SIGNS AND LIKE RELATABLE POSTS HONESTLY. WE CAN FIND THEM ON OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA. While some of us work our butts to cREATE 20 BOOKS FULL OF DIffereNT ORIGINAL iDEAS... ;-; Psst.. Or when people like their own story *cries*

Book I published

- Assassination classroom scenarios

- Assassination classroom (10 Stages of Love)

- Assassination Classroom 1 am thoughts

- Haikyuu : Various x Reader oneshot

- Silent (Encounter) Hisako Yukasa

Books I want to publish this year

- Karma x Reader SERIES

- Haikyuu : Various x Reader sERIES

- Listen Tadashi Ichiro

- Nagisa x Reader ONESHOT/SERIES

Many more things

Books I want to publish this year but probably will never and publish like two years later lol (Writing the whole plot and each chapter at once)

- Haikyuu x Reader SERIES

- Oikawa x Reader

- IwaOi

- BokuAka

- KageHina

- IwaOi

bye bye,

- Kuurochii

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