Leave off

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I layed over the bed, sobbing heavily. I hated the fact that I couldn't have a boyfriend, & I even more abhorred the fact that I had to be punished after I broke up with my boyfriend.
I cried a bit more, then stopped. Why do I have to grieve just because I am being raised by a pack of  paranoid cunt punches? I got up & with a mild struggle silenced my tears.
I stepped over to the window & looked out. The tribe was in a crowd, just fighting. None looked happy.
I backed away,- &
Suddenly smiled.
I laughed. I was the most mad I had ever been, the fact that the assholes who caused my misery were none the gladder brought me joy.
A crazy thought crossed my mind.
I hate them, so why  don't I just run away? Moreover, why not??
I ran to my room, wrenched open my closet, & grabbed my suitcase; then ran around my room, grabbing clothes I'd need. ShirtsPantsSocksUnderwearBras, I was On a roll.
Throwing everything into my case, I went & got all the money in my room, not bothering to count it. Then I ran into all the other rooms & stole their money. I shoved it all into a little compartment in my case, then left my room. I sprinted into the kitchen & opened the cupboard door, then grabbed the big bag of chia seed, a spoon, 8 bottles of water, & some bread. I was already carrying my headphones & chargers & phone & shit, so I just threw on my jacket, went into the spare bedroom, wrenched open the window, & jumped. It wasn't too far up so it was easy. I looked around fast, unsure of which way to go. Then my mind spoke again. Just RUN.
Silently agreeing with myself, I sprinted into the woods. For a trail, I chose the one that I knew lead to the train station. Moving faster than I ever had before, I got to the station in around 2 minuets. Thank the gods that the train was almost there, I could already see it.  I didn't  sit on the bench, i ran over & paid the guy at the station & he handed me a ticket. I stood. Every time I heard any noise whatsoever, I turned around fast. I felt like I could have a heart attack any moment, but just then, the train arrived. I hurried on & gave the ticket collector my ticket. He punched a hole into it with a kind of air gun, then told me to follow him. He walked down the aisle a long ways before he stopped & said, " this seat is for you."
I thanked him & sat down. I kept my suitcase as close to me as possible, & closed my eyes. In seconds, I fell asleep.

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