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"Anyone can make you shiver in pleasure," He whispered against my neck. "anybody can make you fall in love," His hands roamed my body in affection, "somebody can make you crave their touch," His words lingered in my head as his lips trailed up my neck and to my ear. "but only we can make that ache between yours legs disappear."

"You're my professor." I finally manage to get out, breathlessly. My mind screamed that this was wrong but every touch he gave my body reacted to.

"Me being your professor is the least of your worries."

My eyes shut when I felt his fangs brush against my neck. I shivered and instantly felt his sadist smile press into my skin. "You won't." I whispered.

He pulled away from me and his hand came up to caress my cheek. I flinched back opening my eyes but his hand simply stroked my cheek. "I thought you've learned not to doubt our intentions."

I stilled and squeezed my eyes shut once more when I felt a pair of hands grasp my waist. "You won't."

"Why try and convince yourself of such lies?" His touch was rougher than his brothers, it made my thighs clench. His hand slowly slid down and separated them gently.

"Please don't." I whispered opening my eyes.

"You didn't seem to mind last night."

"You weren't my professor last night."

His brother spoke in front of my face. "Professor? This isn't about me being your professor." 

My eyes squeezed shut when his twin moved his hand. "Please don't." The softer one ignored my pleads and tipped my chin up.

"Open your eyes."

"No." I spoke softly shaking my head.

"Open your eyes." Their touch was too much. Everywhere they touched left a scorching trail of need. I slowly opened my eyes and tried desperately not to react to his lustful stare. "Why are you scared of desire?"

"You kill."

"We feed."

"You're dead."

"But alive."

"You make me feel crazy."

"You drive us insane."

The ache between my legs only grew as he kept touching me. His brothers whispers in my ear, the territorial marks he left on my body, the hold they had on me, it made me crave them so much more.

I tried with the little will power I had to hold back the moan he wanted from me. The sounds he was chasing. I tried not giving him the satisfaction he was the reason I felt this way, that he was the reason I was about to fall apart on his fingers. "Please."

"Please, what?"

"Please sir."

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