Poe Dameron

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Whovian3135-Here ya are my friend! Merry (super late) Christmas! Hahaha, I love this guy so much! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it!

"I am making my way to the energy relay bypass system. Stand by."

You tugged at your First Order uniform hoping you looked as badass as you felt. Keeping a cool, uninterested expression, you quickly made your way through the various hallways and passageways that you learned to memorize. First Order Dreadnoughts weren't as complicated as one would think when given a few hours of silence, the use of the fleet projection schematics, and a red pen.

You recognized where you were the moment your fitted missions pod entered the large ship. So, it didn't take you long to commandeer a uniform and make your way to complete your mission. You couldn't help but smirk as you made it past guards, Stormtroopers, and measly admirals and generals.

Your job in the Resistance was to do recognizance, fieldwork, and most any job that consisted of going undercover ranging from going in small groups to pulling one-man missions. You were recruited by Han Solo when he found you snooping on his ship while getting away from some unsavory individuals. You helped the old smuggler with several of his own clients before he dropped you off with Leia and the crew.

That was where you met Poe. He didn't like the idea of there being another person on the team who didn't mind taking risks. Especially once he started having feelings for you. It happened slowly, one-sided on his part, but eventually, you warmed up to him, his cocky personality making you smile as compared to your silent but effective confidence.

The sound of an approaching platoon gave you pause, pressing your back against a wall as you watched the white uniformed men and women march down the hallway. Lifting your chin, you turned the corner and proceeded to the relay destination. But there were a couple of high level, outfitted guards blocking your path, taking up the whole hallway as they marched.

Without thinking, you did the first thing that came to your mind when it became clear they weren't going to move aside for you. You lifted your arm and flicked your wrist as if shooing away an unwanted pest. Then, mustering as much authority and command in your voice as you could, you shouted at them.

"Get out of my way!"

You clenched your teeth and stared them down as you shouldered your way past them, biting back a smirk as you got through them with ease, their uniforms clanking as they moved aside quickly. Ah, if only that voice would work a specific X-Wing pilot.

You slipped into a side room, not a soul in sight. Ripping off a side panel, you were greeted with wires and circuit boards, something you were very familiar with. Pulling out your communicator, you comment back to the Resistance base.

"I'm at the door. As soon as I reroute the power to open the door I will need that code."


Poe walked into the Resistance's main hub where most of the missions were monitored. He nodded to the other rebels and patted C3-PO on the shoulder as he made his way to the map that displayed the surface and the space above the planet.

"Any activity?" He didn't look away from the map as he asked Leia who came to stand next to him, her hands behind her back.

"None on the ground. as for the sky, they are being taken care of."

Poe snapped his attention to the woman general looking on so calmly, his eyes wide. "What do you mean 'being taken care of'?"

Leia gave him a look that he knew all too well. Poe shook his head slowly as he backed away from the display table.

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