Toujou Nozomi x Male! Reader

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I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO UPDATE TOMORROW! I put it in capital for everyone to read it, something got in my way and I need to fix it so I won't have the time, sorry!

This one-shot will be positioned on an AU where Muse didn't separate, everyone is now out from high school. First Years have 18, Second Years 19 and Third Years 20 and the Reader will have 28.

Disclaimer: I do not own Love Live nor do I own the name of ASCII Media Works

Nothing much to say, FIGHT THE WORLD!


Love Management

Your POV

I'm leaving my dreams! Since I was a little kid I always dreamt of being in this position, not even bothering about being President of ASCII Records but being capable of directly interacting with the idols that decided to sign with us! And guess what, I've made my way onto being the best manages ASCII could have ever wanted, this being from the President's words and the assigned me their future project, Project Muse!

This was all about bringing them back to life after they took that little rest after the third-years graduation about three years ago and I've got to meet everyone in Muse and got to be in a friendship relationship with most of them, well I say the most of them because I got in an even closer relationship with my favorite girl inside Muse, the temple maiden, Toujou Nozomi, my now girlfriend.

Unfortunately, the contact for every idol has something that can make everyone rethink their future career inside the music; above all they are prohibited to be in a romantic relationship. The reason for this is because idols are supposed to be the living dreams of the population, thus they got to be perfect and live their lives according the fashion that everyone likes nowadays, they are also prohibited to consume any type of drugs and they will be punished by the fans at the minimal mistake or at the minimal sign of them gaining weight, so in summary being an idol is a hell of a life.

So being the emotional support for the ones I'm working with has been always my priority, I have a bunch of psychologists, doctors and nutritionists as well as my phone number and my availability the twenty four hours of the day in case they want any form of support.

And now, if talking about my relationship with the temple maiden, we're doing great, nothing to fear except for the cameras or the fact that any form of life discovers our secret and decides to tell everyone else about our secret relationship, not mentioning our difference in age of eight years, if she was some years younger then I will easily land in jail.

"Gotcha~" I felt someone enveloping her arms around my neck and feeling a slight pressure in my back, a soft feeling spreading through my body as those words were carefully whispered on my left ear.

"N-Nozomi" Yes, that sensation is normal for me, I could identify no matter what my capabilities are, I only need to feel her touching my skin to know that is her.

"You were spacing off again" Nozomi freed me from her grip and walk in front of my desk; we are at my office inside of ASCII's building where all the magic comes true. I was wearing an unbuttoned (Y/FC) suit coat with a white dress shirt underneath it, black dress pants and black dress shoes while she was wearing a white sweater with a brown skirt with black thighs and black flats. "Is something wrong?" Her serious tone of voice could always break me but if I spill the truth now that I'm always thinking of her whenever she catches me dozing off then I will look kind of a pervert.

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