You Were There [oneshot]

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You were always there for me ever since we were kids.

You were always the princess and you always force me to be the prince.

 We would always play this silly game over and over until that age...

 Until we reach the age of 6.

 "Jake, I'm sorry."

"Why do you have to go? Can't you stay here?"

"I can't Jakey. Daddy needs to work abroad and we need to go with him."

"Gabby, nooooooooo." Jake held Gabrielle in his arms. Gabrielle was the best friend he ever had. Ever since then, they would always play together, eat together and even sleep in the same room together. They were like siblings, inseparable.

"Jakey, I don't want to go too!" and she hugged him as well. Lilianne, Gabrielle's mom, told her daughter slowly to let go of Jake but she wouldn't budge. Then Jake reached for his necklace, a simple silver cross and placed it on Gabrielle's neck.

"I'd look for you Gab. I promise." and the children both cried. Lilianne loomed over them and slowly tugged Gabrielle away. Her father honking the car loudly.

"Nooooooo!" the children shouted together. Lilianne slowly pulled her daughter away from Jake and Jake was held back by his mom. They were both shouting each other's names, both feeling the ache and sadness of slowly losing each other. Gabrielle was placed inside the car and her father immediately started driving. Jake ran after the car as fast as his legs could carry him. Gabrielle peered out of the window and she was still crying. Jake was crying very hard as well, tears already wetting his shirt. His legs giving way, Jake stumbled then fell on the hard pavement, his tears falling on the pavement. Gabrielle, having seen this, struggled in her mother's arms that held her protectively. She wanted to get out but her mother held her tightly. Her tears kept on falling. She looked at the cross Jake gave her and held it tightly. They'd surely meet again, she thought. She will never forget her best friend.


 11 years later

"Mom, I'm going!"

"Have fun in school Jake! Be sure to get a girlfriend this time!"

"Mom! You don't have to tell me." Jake winked at his mom.Jake is already a freshman at one of the prestigious universities in the Philippines. He is very shy although girls came filing up to him because of his very boyish features: brown hair, hazel eyes and he was very fair and well-built. He's also a good student and a varsity player but he never had a girlfriend. Ever. He was still searching for Gabrielle. He kept on saving money for his plan to go overseas and to search for her there. His best friend.


"Janelle. Hey." Janelle is one of the few girls he ever came to be friends with. They were friends ever since second year high school and are very comfortable with each other. Janelle hugged him and he hugged her back. To Jake, Janelle was like a sister but to Janelle, he was something else.

"Slow poke. Class is about to start. C'mon!" Janelle held Jake's hand and ran to class together. After class, they went to the cafeteria and sat at the table where their friends were gathered.

"Hey guys, a new hottie enrolled in our university today." Matt told them. The other guys laughed, together with Jake. Carla, Matt's girlfriend slapped his arm. They all laughed harder and Matt hugged his girlfriend to him. "You're hotter of course."

"Hmpf. Of course I am." and the two began to be lovey dovey that disgusted the others and came back to the topic.

"Yea, I saw her too. She was so pretty. She has this long, wavy auburn hair and she's quite tall as well. Her curves are in the right places." Natalie told everyone and she looked at herself. She was very pretty as well, with her black hair tied to a ponytail as she sipped her juice then crossed her legs. She was thin and seeing someone who's very sexy caused her anxiety.

"Natalie, you're pretty, you know." Angela told her. She is a quite person but very honest. Her glasses making her look like a very serious student. Natalie hugged her and she froze. The others laughed at her reaction. Suddenly, the cafeteria was silent. There was no sound coming from each one of the people, the only sound that can be heard are the footsteps of the person which probably caused the whole cafeteria to f

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