Chapter 1

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Is Your Heart Taken? - Niam/Larry fanfic


 - Liam's POV -

It's been two months since I first realised that I'm attracted to my best friend.  That's sixty days of being trapped in a relationship that I can never deepen. I'd give anything to take this thing to the next level. Hell, even friends with benefits would be an amazing turn of events in my eyes... how great would that be... If he chose me even as a friend to be the one that made him feel good; that made his pulse race and his breath heavy with desir-- Snap out of it Liam. Anyway, it's been sixty days since I first realised that I am attracted to my best friend, and since that moment, every one of those sixty days has been full of lust, jealousy, possession, frustration, and above all: desperation.

To even begin to express my yearning for these feelings to be reciprocated, I should first take you back to the beginning; the day that I became attracted to my best friend.

Chapter 1:

- Liam's POV -

Day 1: The Beginning

"HOLY SHIT!" Louis screamed from downstairs.

I jumped up startled and ran to the hallway and yelled back down the stairs.

"What is it?! What's going on?!" I yelled.


"Fuck!" Harry screamed from the bathroom; bursting out in nothing but a towel, still dripping wet.

"What happened?!" I yelled at him as he came stomping towards me; eyebrows furrowed, fists clenched. Yup, pissed.

"There's some remote controlled helicopter thing flying around outside, I think there's a camera on it!" He yelled at me, getting angrier by the second.

"What the fuck?!" Zayn yelled from his room.

"What is it?!" Harry and I yelled back in unison. I could hear Niall cracking up from his bedroom, laughing at the hysteria.

"Someone just sent a picture of Harry in the shower to my phone!" Zayn yelled back as he came out of his room and towards us.

"Shit." I said bluntly. "Everyone! Meet us in the hallway, and stay away from the windows!" I yelled down the corridor. In a minute or so, everyone had huddled together in the hallway in the dark.

"I've called the police, they should be here in about five minutes" said Louis.

"Until then we should all stay here..." I mumbled. Everyone agreed except for Niall.

"But what if they come inside the house? We're an easy target if we're all together!" He argued. Out of all of us, Niall had the biggest imagination. But that wasn't it. Everyone knew he was claustrophobic.

"Fine." I said, playing along. "Everyone go into their rooms and shut the blinds, lock your doors and don't come out until the police get here." I announced. Niall smiled at me, thankful for me not saying anything. I smiled back.

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