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It's been two months since Gerard officially moved into his future wife's apartment. Work had kept him busy, but not busy enough to prevent fighting with Laura over nearly everything.

They had fought about how messy the other was, how Laura would never love Gerard, and how upset Laura was that Gerard was forcing himself into her life.

That last part wasn't even his fault; it was their parents. They couldn't agree on anything, and he didn't know if it was just Laura being stubborn, or if they really had nothing in common. Gerard had grown to hate the way Laura's father talked and acted toward her. It was quite disrespectful.

The only thing on his mind at the moment, was the fact that Laura's family, minus her father, was over. The Ramos siblings had decided to have a pool day at Laura's apartment, and she was grateful for the company.

Gerard sits on the edge of the pool, Laura sitting just behind him with Max curled at her feet. He could only think of how gorgeous she looks in her white and blue bikini; he had been unable to keep his eyes off her toned body.

He jumps in the pool, getting some water on Laura. She glares at him.

"You know I hate water, Gerard," she says, staring at him with arched brows.

"Max, come here," he says, ignoring what she says.

Laura looks in absolute shock as Max jumps off the chair, and jumps into the water to join Gerard.

"Traitor," she mumbles, shaking her head. Sergio's children get very excited as Max swims over to them.

Gerard hops back out of the water, and grabs a towel off the edge of Laura's chair. He takes a seat next to her, and stares at her again.

"You having fun staring at me?" she asks, keeping her focus on her dog.

"You have a scar on your left side," he says, staring at the mark that lay just below her ribs. She quickly grabs the towel from him and covers her bare skin.

"I know what I have," she says sassily.

"Where did it come from?" he asks, staring at her softly.

"You won't let this go, will you?" she asks, her tone soft. It was the first time in the two months that he had lived with her that he's heard that.

As he shakes his head, Laura lets out a sigh.

"I was in a car accident, maybe four and a half years ago," she says, her voice breaking slightly.

"Laura?" he asks. She grabs his arm, and pulls him inside her apartment.

"I hate that I'm telling you this, but know in advance that I don't want sympathy," she says, and he nods his head.

Laura looks down, her eyes landing on his abs and arm muscles.

"I, uh, my mom died in that car accident. I was in the backseat on the left side only because I needed to charge my phone. A drunk driver hit us because he had ran a red light. The window broke, and the glass cut pretty deep into my side. There was so much blood, and my mom was unconscious." Laura pauses, letting out a shaky breath. Gerard carefully takes her hand.

"We were airlifted to the hospital, and I was put into surgery to get my cuts sorted. My mom just wouldn't wake up, and eventually, I had heard she was pierced in her heart by a metal rod that pushed through the car. She flatlined, and she was dead, Gerard!"

Laura begins crying and unknowing whether to hug her, he simply holds her arm gently. After a moment, she pushes his hands away.

"Don't give me any sympathy," she growls at him.

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