(RWBY) Cinder Fall x Shy! Wolf Faunus! Reader

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This was requested by lucy_landform. Hope you enjoy. ⚠️ Has slight signs of abuse.⚠️

*Your P.O.V.*

          The cracking sound wouldn't stop. The panting is all I can hear. Pain erupted on my stomach as the crack sounded again. Blazing tears stream down my face. Why.. why did this have to happen to me? What have I done wrong? I flattened my wolf ears to me head as I realized. Of course.. it's because I'm a Faunus. The crack sounded again, as pain shot through my arm. The crack sounded once more, but never made contact, as my eyes shot open and I couldn't stop panting.

          That dream again.. The thought left my mind as a cold gust of wind blew at me. A shiver went through my whole body causing goosebumps. All I had on was a torn t-shirt and ripped jeans(Like the pic below)on a night that was below freezing temperatures. I pulled a long piece of cardboard over myself, hoping to get some relief from the cold, but sadly I didn't. I decided to let myself drift off into sleep again, regardless of the dream I had just had.

*Cinder's P

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*Cinder's P.O.V.*

          Staying hidden in the shadows was something I've done for my whole life. When I first started doing it I was awful and always got caught. Now that I've had experience, no one coukd catch me. No one even senses my presence fast enough. Working with Roman Torchwich is quiet a hassle. He does things his way until I.. force him to do it my way. He'll learn over time not to disobey me.

          At the moment, I've made it my job to hunt down potential white fang members. Anyone who has it out for humans will do. It'll make my job easier, although I would still like to have some fun. You know? With torturing people as I destroy their way of life. That's what my fun is.

          Not far from where I was watching for Faunus, I heard whimpering. It sounded like it was coming from a dog of some sort. I followed the noise, genuinely curious as to what was making the sound. When I found where the noise was coming from I wasn't very shocked, but I had this strange feeling. Almost like I wanted to help the girl that was in front of me. Her wolf ear twitched as she was having some sort of nightmare.

          I gently shook her, although I did debate on whether or not I should just kick her awake, but for some reason I couldn't bring myself to do it. Her eyes slowly opened, almost like she were in pain, and fear filled her eyes. She forced her body away from mine and I could finally see her. She had a torn shirt and torn jeans and she had scars covering her body. Her hair was matted and she had dark bags under her eyes. I let my cold, ruthless presence slip away as I became focused on her. How could I let some girl I just met see this side of me? What was different about her? Is it because she is already terrified? ...Or is it something else?

          I shook all the questions from my head slowly getting closer,"Don't worry, pup, I won't hurt you". She didn't seem to believe my words as she got further away the closer I got. I was getting quite annoyed, but I tried to keep it hidden. I stayed where I was this time and reach my hand out towards her,"I promise I won't hurt you". She slowly took my hand and sat back down. She was weak from all of her injuries and she was probably starving. I spoke up once more,"What's your name?"

          She seemed hesitant to tell me, but she finally answered,"(Y/n)".

          I nodded,"(Y/n). My name is Cinder. Cinder Fall. You're a Faunus, so is that why you are hurt so badly?" She refused to speak, but she still nodded to my question. I could see her shivering, but due to what I was wearing, so was I(what Cinder is wearing is the pic of her). I tightened my grip on the hand I was holding, getting up, and pulling her with me,"Let's take you somewhere warmer. Are you ok with me doing that?" Once again, all I got was a nod.

          It didn't take us long to get to a small white house. It was old and abandoned, and kind of run down, but it was still a good home. At least I think so. I lead her inside and sat her down on the couch. She stayed quiet, not even making a sound , as I went to get her some different clothes. Sadly, I didn't have anything, so I got her a blanket along with one for myself.

          As I got back downstairs I noticed her staring into the distance,"Hey. Are you ok, (Y/n)". I spoke quietly, but she still jumped.

          "N-nothing..,"I could barely hear what she was saying, but thankfully I heard her.

          I smiled softly at her, showing her a kindness I didn't even know I had,"I promise I won't hurt you. I won't let anyone hurt you,"I kissed her head lightly,"Do you trust me?"

          She smiled for the first time,"Yes, I do". I kissed her softly on this lips, her lips moving in sync. When we finally pulled away from air, I pulled the blankets over us and we cuddled the rest of the night.

Sorry this chapter took so long and sorry if Cinder isn't how you wanted her to be. I like it. Hope you did too!

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