Yes, I'm different, but he loves me [Chapter Three]

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<P>--Ariane's P.O.V--</P>

<P>I finished cleaning up the tools I used to pierce and tattoo Stephen and Justin. I caught Stephen looking at me as if I was something to eat, what the heck is going on here. There was a silence between us, but it wasn't an awkward silence, it was comfortable. I took this as the perfect opportunity to ask what Stephen had mumbled earlier. "So, I think you owe me and explaination of what you said earlier." Stephen snapped his gaze towards me, as if I had brought him back from his inner babbling to reality. "Oh..right." I heard him gulp, and watched him look down at his feet. He closed the door to my office and slowly headed towards me, still keeping his gaze on the floor. He was merely inches from me in what seemed like an hour, and I could feel faint sparks moving throughout my whole entire body, what the heck is going on with me, I think I am letting my teenage hormones get to me way too much lately. "So, I'm waiting." He chuckled lightly, killing some of the new awkwardness between us. " W-well, I'm not s-sure how to s-say this." He studdered, I looked up at his intent gaze and saw nervousness and love in his icey blue eyes. Is he going to admit he has feelings to me? Stephen McAllen, the biggest jock and player int he school, not to mention my brothers bestfriend, having feelings for me? I highly doubt it. "Okay, well, you are going to think I am crazy, and maybe think I am a stalker but I need to get this out." He lightly grabbed my waist and I could feel the sparks explode where his hands sat. " When I first became friends with you brother, it was the first day I saw you, and I couldn't keep my eyes off of you. Ariane, you're different, your absolutely beautiful. I know people call you a vampire and say you are gothic, but you're not. You are not preppy either, and like I said, you're different. But it's a good different. Since that first time I saw you at your house, and saw you swimming, I knew that I wanted you and that I had to get to know you. At first it was all out of lust, but as soon as I got to know you, and I seen that your personality was as beautiful as you are, I knew I wanted you as a girlfriend." My jaw dropped, and I'm sure that the amount of shock I was feeling was apparent on my face. "Well this changes everything." I was finally able to mumble, and I moved my gaze to my feet. All the things that Stephen just said were running through my head, I heard a light giggle as Stephen put his fingers under my chin, lifting it too look into his eyes. " Will you do me the honor of being my girlfriend Ariane Sandy Light." I gulped, and Stephen closed the distance between us, lightly kissing my lips. Fireworks started at my lips and shot every where on my body, and I knew right there that I had fallen for Stephen McAllen, and I wanted him to be mine. I pulled away breathless and nodded answering with a small, "Yes." Stephen grabbed me in a hug, and picked me up spinning me around. He put me back down and gave me a small peck on the cheek. He trailed kisses on my neck, up my jaw and to my ear and whispered, "There is only one thing I need you to do for me baby. Have fun telling Rory." He nibbled on my ear, and I groaned loudly. Rory is going to kill me.</P>


<P>I saw that jock/player kiss my girl, and I was raging. It took everything I had not to jump through that window and bash his head in, taking Ariane with me. I have been watching Ariane for a year now, and nothing made me more mad then to see her kiss and hug and agree to be that assholes girlfriend. No one touches my A. But don't worry, I'll get my revenge back, on the both of them.</P>

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