Best Part (Part 5).

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Y/n:"W-what?"I asked still trying to process everything that I'm seeing and hearing.

Kendall:"I'm pregnant"She said looking at me and then the stick in her hands. I stood in my spot frozen like a statue. I didn't know what to even feel or think in this moment. I was blank.

Hailey:"I think we should give you two some time to talk"She said looking at everyone making me nod slowly"Lets go"She said making everyone follow her out the room.

Bella:"We'll be right downstairs if you need us"She said before walking out and closing the door behind her. I kept my gaze set on the floor for a good ten minutes before looking up to meet confused and scared brown eyes.

Kendall:"I-I didn't know that this would happen Y/n"She said looking at me with glassy eyes"I swear that I didn't plan this or-'

Y/n:"Kendall"I said cutting her off and looking at her. I took a few steps forward and held her face in my hands looking into those brown orbs that I fell in love with"I didn't say anything"I said making her pull away and start pacing up and down the room.

Kendall:"I know but, but what if you think I did this because I wanted you to stay with me. I didn't plan on this happening and I swear that I would never force you to be with me if you didn't want to be and I understand if you hate me and don't want to be with me anymore cause of this and I-"I stopped her pacing and stood in front of her cupping her cheeks and taking a deep breathe before opening my mouth.

Y/n:"Kendall, just breathe"I said making her close her eyes and take a deep breathe and let it out"Okay, look at me"I said making her open her eyes and look at me"I didn't say any of those things and neither did it cross my mind. This isn't something that we planned but we just need to talk it out and see what we can do"I said making her relax a little.

Kendall:"Okay"She said making me lead her towards the bed and sit her down before kneeling in front of her and removing the strands of hair that was on her face.

Y/n:"Now....explain to me"I said trying to be as calm as I could. The last thing I wanted to do was scare her even more then she was.

Kendall:"Remember how I wasn't feeling well all these days?"She asked making me nod slowly"Well, this is kind of the reason"She said making me nod and wait for her to continue"The girls came over today and I got sick again so they asked me questions and stuff and then they asked the guys to get the tests from the drug store to see if their suspicions were right"She said making me nod and rub small circles on her arm.

Y/n:"Okay, but I thought you were on birth control"I said slightly confused making her sigh.

Kendall:"I was-I am"She said letting out a frustrated sigh"My pills got finished before we left for Finland and only got delivered after"She explained making me nod and sit on the bed. I saw her looking at the floor and fumbling with her fingers making me sigh and lift her face up with my index finger.

Y/n:"Whats wrong?"I asked making her bite her lip and avoid my eyes.

Kendall:"Do you want to leave me?"She asked as her voice trembled making me pull her on my lap and look at her.

Y/n:"Kendall, I would never leave you"I said making her look at me with glassy eyes"I know this isn't what we planned for and is unexpected but we can work through it. I want you to know that I would never leave you because of this....what kind of person would I be if I left my girlfriend with a unborn child that is ours on her own? That wouldn't make me a person and it sure as hell wouldn't make me a good parent"I said wiping the tears that escaped her eyes"I'm here for you Kendall, no matter what you're always going to be my number one priority and so is our child"I said kissing away her tears. She pulled me into a bone crushing hug making me hug back and kiss the side of her head"I love you"I said making her body relax and practically melt in mines.

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