Lilac [Asano Gakushuu] (REQUEST)

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I would honestly, love to make a series outta this but like its from a request.

So I don't have complete authority over it and fck it. I have other ideas lmao.


part 2 of violet, {not edited}

this is me when i take no breaks writing for 1 hour in a room thats 30 degrees :)


Shaking your head from the previous event, Karma would not leave you alone. The principal forgave you because you were with his son.

"Sorry," You bowed down in a perfect ninety degree angle.

"I'm sorry father-"

"Father?!" You shrieked.

"Yes, this man is my father."

{please note that gakuhou's personality changed after that thing with koro~sensei, it's also official}

"I see you are my son's soulmate, what is your name may I ask?"

"M-My name is L/N, F/N.." You stuttered, you wanted to kick yourself.

"Very well."

You left his office facing Asano who had a pale face, "I thought I was going to die..."

"You won't!" You laughed back, playfully punching his shoulder.


As the months past, you got to know more about the boy. You didn't really like him from the start. He was always right and correct which pissed you off. Karma wasn't even helping you in the first place, teasing your relationship.

Asano also had gotten to know more about you, calling you by your first name. Your relationship was going smoothly but his father scared you. Not only this he was the top in his class which made expectations dating him higher.

Some fangirls did get mad for you were the "chosen one" to be his soulmate, nobody could do anything about it.


10 years later

"Is that how the story of you and daddy met?" Your child giggled.

"Yes and that's your bed time story for today."

"Aww.... I want more!"

You looked at your husband, Asano Gakushuu, who chuckled lightly. "You have school tomorrow, so you have to sleep now."

Such a happy family you were.


Totally didn't rush that... And like its way crappier than the original one.

Also wattpad going in maintenance?

Also wattpad going in maintenance?

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