Chapter 30: The END

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"Thalia, can you hear me? Wake up." Someone yells shaking me. "Go away." I groan pushing them away. "You're awake! Thalia it's me!" They say. "I don't care. Go away." I say turning over.

"How is she not cold?" Another voice asks, with a sigh I open my eyes. "Daniel? David? Noah? What are y'all doing here? Where am I," I gasp looking at my hands and all around me. "Why am I outside on a bench?" I ask Noah who was bending down next to me.

"Because you fell and hit your head." Daniel answers pushing Noah out of the way and standing where he was. "Okay? So why didn't you take me back to the house like normal people would?" I ask leaning up.

"Because, what if you died? We'd have to bury you so what would be the point of going home with the evidence?" David asks, Noah glares at him. "Why wouldn't you just take me to the hospital if I died!?" I ask trying to yell.

"Because, we kidnapped you, duh." David says rolling his eyes at me. "Nobody asked for your rudeness." I say crossing my arms.

"Let's just go home, I'm tired. Someone pick her up." Noah says standing up stretching. "You're her boyfriend, you do it." Daniel says, the two twins walking away.

I smile at the thought of me having a boyfriend. "Why are you looking at me like that? Come on, stand up. Let's go." Noah says gesturing for me to stand. "But you're my boyfriend, you have to carry me," I say reaching my arms out. "Come on! You said someone has to pick me up,"

With a sigh he picks me up and starts walking. "I feel so powerful." I laugh. "I kinda liked it better when you hit your head." Noah sighs. "Excuse me," I gasp. "My head is out of your league."

"Whatever ya say." He sighs. When we got back to the house Damson came over to us. "Where have y'all been?! What did you do to my sister!? Put her down! She knows how to walk, she doesn't need your help! She's not a baby!" Damson yells.

"She fell, I'm helping her." Noah glares. "Damson, calm down! He's my boyfriend! He's allowed to hold me!" I say.

"No he's not! You're not a baby! I remember when you were a baby and you don't look like that anymore!" He crosses his arms. "Are you saying I'm not cute?" I gasp.

"No! I'm just saying that I really don't like this." He glares. "You don't have to like this," I say getting out of Noah's arms. "I'm a big girl. I don't need my big brother's help anymore, I love you though." I say, he walks away.

"He'll get over it." Noah shrugs. "I hope so." I say walking to the kitchen. "Hey girl!" Aaron says taking his pink apron off. "Why do you have a pink apron?" I question staring at the pink apron.

"Because it's in fashion! Girl, you need to get with the time. Boys wearing pink is so in." He says mixing the food on the stove. "I worry about you." I shake my head.

"You worry about me?" He asks amused. "Good point." I answer, Jason walks into the room. "I'm hungry, give me food." He says sitting at the table.

"No. Get your lazy ass up and get it yourself, gosh. What I do for this family..." Aaron shakes his head. Jason gets up and grabs some watermelon, also grabbing the pepper shaker. "What are you making?" I ask Aaron, Jason drops the pepper shaker making it break.

"This is exactly why we can't have nice things in this house!" Aaron yells. "Oops, sorry. Wait that's pepper? I thought it was salt." Jason says, Aaron hands him a broom. "Clean it." He says.

"What? What do I do with this? I'm too fabulous to clean! Take it back before I faint!" Jason yells dropping the broom. "Children these days..." Aaron mumbles, I walk into the living room.

"Wassup?" John asks sitting on the couch. "Nothing much." I shrug. "Oh, that's cool." He says. "So has anyone heard from Johnny?" I ask him.

"You mean your kidnapper who kidnapped you from your other kidnappers? No." He says turning the channel. "Thalia baby!" Shane says hugging me.

"Excuse me?" I ask with a laugh. "That's your name now, deal with it." He says walking away again. "Okay...?" I say awkwardly standing there.

This is my life now and I love it. I wouldn't trade anyone here for anything. "Watch it!" Daniel yells at David. "You!" He yells back jumping on his brother. "Fight! Fight!" Everyone yells walking into the living room.

"Fight but don't go into the kitchen!" Aaron yells. "Kill! Kill! Kill!" Noah yells. What am I saying? Please help me.


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