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                          Chapter: 3





"Irene wake up!"

I slowly opened my eyes with my right hand holding my temple which was paining like hell. I adjusted my torso against the car seat and noticed my friend Elly worriedly looking at me.

"Elly, What just happened?". I asked with a soar voice.

She threw some clothes on my lap,"Change yourself into this. Your father has called me more than twenty times already. You gotta hurry up".

I looked down at my clothes. "Shit. How am I here?". I cursed.

"You don't have much time Irene. Your father must have informed police already. Hurry up".


I adjusted my hair, books and everything necessary before entering inside.

My mom hugged me as soon as she saw me standing in front of her,"Where have you been dear? Your father has been so tensed".

"IRENE!", My father rushed towards me and hugged me tightly. "You okay princess?"

I nodded.

"It was just a car problem dad. It won't happen next time again. I already gave it for servicing".

I saw my father's tensed up face getting relaxed. I literally felt very bad lying to my father on his face. I felt ashamed.

"Being a Mayor of the city isn't easy princess. Every single hour I am worried about you guys". Jimin and me, we both went towards our father and hugged him.

"I have many enemy's who are waiting for an opportunity to harm me physically or emotionally, especially those Dark Town people".

My heart sank. I feel so guilty. Dad is right. I was almost killed today. But thank god Jun---

'Wait. I wasn't with Jungkook. Some random guy pulled me. Then how am I here?'

"Honey! Come, let's have dinner. You even need to take your medicine".

I helped my father to walk till the kitchen as he was feeling very sick,"Sit down dad".

"Irene, Even you take your seat dear", My mom said.

"Sorry mom but I don't feel like having anything right now, Goodnight!", I kissed my Dad on his cheeks.

"Well, Nice choice you made. You gotta lose weight anyway, piggy", Jimin earned a glare from me, "Don't make me curse little brother", I rolled my eyes and weakly walked towards my room and crashed on my bed.

'I hope everyone is fine'

I drifted to sleep.


The next day, I didn't go to college. I had many things to think about. Mainly about yesterday's incident and that unknown guy. Luckily, even my mom allowed me.

So, I went outside to the nearby coffee shop to clear my thoughts. I ordered a cup of cappuccino and took a seat beside the window.

'So beautiful'

I took a sip of my cappuccino and stared outside the window. I noticed that someone was staring at me from far.

Sun was blazing bright so I wasn't able to see the person's face. I quickly walked outside the coffee shop but then no one was there. The whole area was empty. I looked around everywhere. But there was no one except for my friend Elly & Mark walking hastily towards me.

"Do you have any idea where Jungkook is?", asked me with a heavy breathe.

I eyed them,"I have no idea".

"I only remember that we both were running together until someone caught me and made me faint".

I gave them a peculiar look. Both of them were sweating badly. Something looked wrong. I felt they were hiding something from me, "He is fine, r-right?".

I noticed them trembling.

"ANSWER M--!!", I shouted, but I was soon cute off by Mark.


Mark confessed.




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