Untitled - Machine Gun Kelly

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I hear the bedroom door slam making me open my eyes, rubbing them to get the sleep out as I look over my shoulder to see Kelly stripping his shirt, an annoyed yet pissed look on his face that has shadows on it from the Moon's light.

"Kelly, are you okay?" My tired voice makes him snap his head in my direction, his eyes dark as he notices I'm only in one of his shirts and my underwear.

"Come here." He orders, his voice deeper and clearly irritated from something as he steps to the side of the bed.

I crawl from my spot on the bed to him, laying on my stomach, looking up at him as he stares down at me with a smirk knowing I love to obey him.

His large hand abruptly grips the back of my head, pulling me forward onto his hard cock that bugles through his jeans. Immediately I have my mouth on his bugle, licking it through the fabric and rubbing my parted lips along it, his hand grips harder as he groans.

"Good Girl, now show Daddy who owns you and who your fucking god is."

I bite my lip, watching him unbutton his jeans and hearing his shoes being kicked off so he can slip out of his pants and boxers allowing his cock to slap against my cheek, not that I mind.

Wrapping my hand around the base, I put the swollen tip in my mouth, sucking it and swirling my tongue around it as he holds onto my hair.

I pull off only to go down to lick up his balls to the tip then take him all the way in, feeling him in my throat as he lowly moans feeling me Bob my head so he sinks deeper in.

My hand fondles his balls as I swallow around him, my eyes watering from lack of breath but I don't stop, My  God wants me to do this; there's no stopping until he's happy and gives me his cum.

I pull off him after a what feels like a minute only to go back down and take his balls in my mouth while stroking his cock, sucking and licking them one at a time then both, his grip gets stronger as he grunts and groan quietly.

When I'm done, I place a small kiss on them then rub my parted lips along him, letting my teeth gently graze him. I kiss the tip then wrap around him again, bobbing my head, going faster and taking him deeper each time I go down, and rubbing the under shaft with my tongue.

Once I'm halfway, I pause to swallow again then go all the way down on him until I feel his balls and the base of his cock touch my nose and chin.

Kelly holds me there, forcing me to Bob my head the little that I can until he releases a low throaty moan as he cums down my throat, his hand tangling in my hair more and his grip rougher.

He keeps me there for another second before letting me go, I take him out only to lick whatever is leftover off of him and my lips, then wipe my eyes to get rid of water as I catch my breath back.

Quickly kissing his cock again before I look up at him, I can't see well in the darkness but his blue eyes have a small cast of light on them, their still dark as he stares down at me and I can see a very faint frown in the little lighting. Didn't I do good?

"Who owns you?" His voice is huskier and rougher, like when he wakes up, as he grabs my jaw and forces me up to my knees.

I don't know what happened while he was gone but it must've been bad cause he never usually asks this more than once in one night.

"You own me, Daddy." I always call him this when he refers to himself with it. He does own me, I'm his girlfriend, his sub, his CumSlut. I do whatever he asks of me, he's my Dom and my God, I worship him and his cock, he can use me in anyway and I'd absolutely love every second of It.

"Goddamn, right. Your Daddy's good little cock slut that will be punished severely if you ever suck or get fucked by another cock." His tone raises slightly at the end as he grips the back of my neck again, pulling me down and forcing his cock back in my mouth making me whimper from the sudden force on my body.

"This is the only cock you get, the only one you fucking choke on and the only one that gives you what you need and crave. Understand, My Whore?" He pushes me down on his more as he raises his voice again, putting emphasis on My.

"Yeth, Dadty." My words come out muffled and messed up since I can't talk correctly with him in my mouth, but he won't accept non verbal responses, no matter if his cock is blocking my words or not.

Kelly pulls me off him and instantly I attempt to get my breath back fully, He kisses my head and gently petting my head.

"Good Girl. Go lay down, Baby." His tone is softer but obviously still holds his power over me.

I quickly crawl back to where I was before he came in, sitting and watching as he slips his boxers back on and grabs his phone from his pant pocket then sitting next to me under the covers.

I don't hesitate to lay my head on his lap, being able to feel his cock through the thin fabric of his boxers as he chuckles, his hand sliding along my body to my ass and back up.

Kelly turns on the TV making the room light up, going through channels to find something to watch before he goes to sleep like usual.

But something is bothering me, like why he was annoyed or mad, he knows he never has to remind me I belong to him or that his Cock is the only one I'll get. I love him too much to leave him and I only want his Cock, no one else's, why would I?

His gives me everything I need and it always feels amazing, no matter what hole it's in.

"Kelly..?" I don't know if I should keep calling him Daddy or not, so I went with that.

"Yeah, Baby?" I feel his other hand move my hair from the side of my face so he can see me and his hand on my body stop on my ass.

"Why were you angry when you came home? Did something happen?" I ask, turning my head a little to look up at him, he sighs as he closes his eyes for a second.

"Only the guys complaining bout something and I had to remind myself you belong to me. Don't Worry bout it, Babygirl." He offers me a small soft smile which I return, he seems relaxed now and not angry anymore so I won't worry, now at least.

"Go on to sleep, I didn't mean to wake up and you need you rest, Babe." I only nod, feeling a bit tired from everything and being woke up.

I flip to my stomach, keeping my head next to his cock and my face turned to him as my arm goes on his thigh to make me more comfortable.

Kelly quietly chuckles as his hand keeps itself on my ass after he covers me with blankets, he keeps my shirt raised so he can slip fingers under the band of my underwear when he wants.

"Night, My Little Cock Whore." I hear him whisper as I fall back into my dreamless sleep with a small smile and feeling safe.

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