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                       Chapter: 1

                     'The Start'


"My little Irene. Wake up".

"It's morning already. Wake up my dear sister"

My brother, Jimin, an annoying freak. He loves irritating me. Sometimes I feel like dumping him into some garbage box but sadly, I can't.. as both of us are tied together by the same bloodline.

"Get off me Jimin or else I will chop your leg off and make you more short". I rolled to the other side of the bed, tugging my blanket around my body.

He cleared his throat. "Well you will love to know that you're 10 minutes late for your college already".


I quickly got up from my bed & dashed towards the washroom. I was able to hear Jimin chuckling outside.

"I am gonna kill that prick".

"Language my dear". My mom suddenly opened the door.

"Mom! Why is your son such an unearthly creature!!", I rolled my eyes.

She smiled. " He is still your brother dear". I came out of the washroom drinking the glass of milk which my mom brought for me. " Thanks Mom".

I quickly brushed my hair & changed my clothes. "Bye Mom". I kissed her on cheeks as she patted my head. "Come home soon, Irene. We have something important to discuss with you".

I nodded and got inside my car.


- Trinity University -

"Guys! So what are your plans for today?". My friend Elly excitedly jumped in front of me.

"Are we going somewhere after class?", I asked casually.

"We were planning to". Jungkook, my crush since grade one joined our conversation.

My eyes totally darted towards his beautiful face. He noticed me and gave me a genuine smile. I blushed.

'Why is he so breathe taking!'

"Let's go to the other side of the city, 'The Dark Town'. My friend, Mark suddenly joined the discussion which made my jaw drop in shock.

"NO! WE CAN'T!!"

I shouted gaining everyone's attention due to my sudden outburst. Jungkook eyed me.

"I-I mean, it's too dangerous. They are too dangerous".

Mark gave a soft chuckle, "Chill Irene, We will just pay a short visit and come. No one will get to know about it. Trust me".

Everyone's head nodded in agreement, except for mine. If my father gets to know about it, he will seriously throw me out of the house.

"Well, You guys go. I have to reach home early today. My parents want to discuss something important with me anyway".

Mark suddenly hugged me from behind,"You are not going anywhere. You are coming with us. I don't want to listen any of your excuse".

I started sweating badly. I am scared of them a lot. They are very different from us. Our living style is totally different. They are dangerous, murderers & drug dealers. We will get killed if anyone out there will get to know about us.

"Don't worry Irene. We all will be together. You'll have fun. Trust me". Jungkook smiled.

'Gosh! I can't say no to my crush'.

I gulped my own saliva. "Fine. Let's go".



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