Chapter #9: Memories

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(Author Notes)
Well I Worked Hard when It came down to words In this Chapter.

You look up to see the site of Bakugou ready to finish you off

Bakugou: I'll kill you

You heard bakugou say this but as you heard this you struggled as hard as you could to move but all your attempts were failures

You stopped you gave up you thought at least you gave your team Head Start you are ready to end things here

but then you heard a voice

???: (Y/N) you've never given up you've always bested Bakugou what's stopping you now you have the potential to do anything you want to do I've seen that so why now why give up now just accept the Lost it's not when you go down is that you lose it's when you stay down if you get back up again over and over and over no matter how much he knocks you down you will always be the winner so get back up again and win.

You Look up to see an injured Midoriya who took the blow for you standing up protecting you

Then you started to remember the first day you met Midoriya


You were awoke by the screaming of Bakugou "Hey Deku You'll NEVER be better then me You Know Why Because your Quirkless" Bakugou screamed

"Bakugou Can you please Shut up" You say

As Bakugou turned to you with rage you smirked

"What did you say Nerd Don't forget that even If Today is the day you get a quirk your still Quirkless so don't be stupid OR ELSE" Bakugou screaming the last part

You Sigh with a Smirk "Come At Me If you can"

Bakugou with all the rage he possibly could have ran towards you with his hands up and screams "Cocky Bastard"

You Stood Up and grabbed Bakugou Hand Kicked his leg while still holding on to his arm and he tripped

"W-What" Bakugou Said as he hit the ground so hard to the point where he looked at you with frustration and said "That was a fluke" Bakugou stated before walking off with his friends.

'Wow he wont admit he lost' You thought "he he" you laughed to yourself,

You walk up to the bullied boy "are you okay" You ask concerned

"Y-Yeah Thanks" The boy said

"Whats Your Name" You asked

"Izuku Midoriya" The Kid Said

I'm"( Y/N) (L/N) " You Said

"Hope we can be friends" You said

"Y-YEAH!" Izuku said with sparkles in his eye

[Flashback End]

(Y/N): ...

Another voice started talking but this time it was in your head just like when you pulled out a weapon from no where

Voice in your head=Viyh

VIYH: he's right stand back up and fight like your life depends on it literally

After hearing all that with all the strength you had you pushed up and was able to get on your feet not questioning the voice and

With all rage you built up you charged at Bakugou

You thought to yourself while running To Bakugou

How This Kid I saved Years ago now came back and saved me from the same person?

You and Bakugou Clash and Back away from each other

Both (Y/N) and Bakugou: This is it
It's time to end this

As you charged at each other for the last time.

I Know it was really cringe
Sorry about that anyway If you couldn't tell I'm gonna end this fight in the next chapter
But again thanks for the support

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