You Just Haven't had Enough...Right? Chapter 9

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I sat down with my back against the trunk and my feet with the water. I called the lake Lake Free because it made me feel free, but I heard there is another name for it though I don't know it. I sat there and wipped away my tears not wanting anyone to know I was crying. I saw little kids playing, dogs barking, and teens just hanging out with their friends and family. Inside I envied them, they had a strong relationship with their family and didn't have to worry about hurting anyone!

I rub my forehead and slowly feel sleep crawl into my mind, even though it is morning I can still get tired very easily. Especially when my scientific blood gets boiled. I look out onto the lake and saw it swirling in the center. At first I thought it was my eyes because no one seemed to react but then there was a dark center that seemed to grow and spin faster. In the center was a child that had a lite glow around him, it did not take me long to realize this whirlpool was trying to suck up this child. I got up when I heard and saw the child panic as people looked at him stunned and confused. I dove into the water and fought against the spinning mass forgetting my saftey. When I reached the child, I had never seen a more reliefed face in my life. I pulled him close and swam to a rock that was on the border of the water vaccum. I placed him there and tried to catch my breath, since swimming in that water was extremly hard and rough with the water constantly spinning and tried to pull you under.

He looked at me and had a big smile on his face, "thank you for saving me, angel."

I looked at him with a confused look, "angel? Oh trust me I am not but thank you and you are very welcomed."

He looked at me equally confused, "then why do you have those?" he asked pointing behind me.

I look behind me and try to not scream by clamping a hand over my mouth. There on my back were two white wings that only the bends were visable as the rest hung in the water. "Well that explains why it was so hard to swim. Umm," I look at him but instead of shock in fear he has a smile on his face.

"You can see them too!!!"

"Um, yeah, unless we both have too much water in our heads. Though I think no I know they were not there earlier."

His smile became a confused look as he tilted his head, "but I saw them when you jumped into the water."

I shake my head and shrug, "how about this is our secret and we get back to shore." I gestured with my head to the bank which was full of people staring in shock.

"Don't worry I won't tell. My parents don't let me talk about stuff like that. They say it is scary and will people think I am crazy." He climbed onto my back between my wings and I swam the rest of the way to the bank. Though the water got shallower my mind began to over flow with questions but the main ones were; Are these wings on my back because of my supernatural blood? And the more important one was What was that swirly pool thing and why did it go after this one child? The water was full of children so why him, maybe it was because he could see things that others couldn't.

When we got out of the water I felt not only did the water fall off me but also my wings because I look back to see if they are there and they just started to shrink into my back. It was then that I felt huge pain where my wings had orginally been but I held the pain back not wanting to make a scene. Well more of a scene. Cameras where everywhere and people started to ask questions until a young woman came in front of us.

She had a small tight and bright business type dress and black heels that were at least three inches! Her blonde hair, from a close view I could tell, was damage due to over dying it and had spiral curls that were also fake. Her dark eyes glazed at me as she put the mircrophone up to her blood red lips, I felt chills go down my back as I stared at the barbie doll(it was obvious a stick woman like that doesnt have boobs that big need a bigger back to support the chest...) her caked face and dark brown eyes was kinda scary.

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