Part 6

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It was midnight,

Khushi had woke up in middle. Her life was nothing but a nightmare. Her cheeks were dry. She was tired of crying over her fate.

She was going through a tough phase of her life. Why was Devi Maiyya taking her test? Why wasn't her life normal like others? She remembered the conversation she read.


She had broke down after Shyam had filled her mind against Arnav. Her husband was in a live in relationship! How could any wife not break after knowing this? She was already broken and this news broke her more.

A phone beeped. It wasn't hers,it was Arnav's. Arnav had two phones,one for office purpose and another one for personal use. He must have forgot his personal phone today . She saw the call which was from "Lavanya". Khushi gulped her throat. The phone stopped beeping. The WhatsApp chat screen with Lavanya was open. So Arnav probably forgot to close WhatsApp. She saw her name mentioned in their conversation and she curiously read it.

ASR, till when are you gonna pretend that you love Khushi? One or the other day she will find out the truth.

Give me some time Lavanya, I can't risk her life.

I feel bad for her condition, but what about us? Does she know that yours is a contract marriage?

No she has no clue about that. I will tell her when time comes.

And when will that time come? ASR, stop playing with both of us. You know what she feels for you.

I know what she feels for me, and that's keeping me away from telling her the truth. I can't break her heart.

But you can't keep her in the dark just because you pity her. I hope you tell her the truth soon.


This was the last thing she wanted to read. Arnav pitied her? Is that what he felt for her? And what's with this contract marriage? Little did she know that Shyam had the exact same phone, and it was a trick by Lavanya and Shyam. Shyam had purposely kept his phone in Khushi's room and told Lavanya to call, so that Khushi reads the conversation and misunderstands it to be a conversation between Lavanya and Arnav.

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