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"I highly doubt that. Nothing can change my hate for what he did to me." Jungkook spat as he glared at Youngjae, waiting for him to say something next.

Jaebum let out a deep sigh as he ran a hand through his jet black hair. Going to the staff's lounge to grab something that would try and help Youngjae tell (M/N)'s past.

"Can...you just tell us about (M/N) and his past?" Jin quietly asked, giving Youngjae a soft look along with a gentle smile. Youngjae nodded his head as he grabbed a chair from an empty table.

"Before he came to work here, I would always see come back from his school with a group of boys." Youngjae started as Jungkook scoffed and crossed his arms.

"They were probably his boyfriends." Youngjae shook his head and let out a shaky breath.

"The boys and (M/N) would always go into an alley where no one would bother to go through, and an hour later the boys come out from there and walk away like nothing happen. When the sun goes down, I see (M/N) always limping out with bruises and a messed up shirt every day. It hurts to see the poor boy go through something like that every day, you know?"

"Then one day, (M/N) came into the cafe just to work on his studies and I guess he wasn't supposed to since the group of boys stormed in and began to beat (M/N) up in front of everyone in the cafe. Bummie had to stop them by calling the police since they began to threaten the bystanders..."

Jungkook raised an eyebrow as he shrugged his shoulders lightly, not caring for the boy's past.

"Why didn't he just tell his parents about his parents? Or did they abandon him for being a fucking girlfriend stealer?" Jungkook replied as the sound of the chair sliding across the floor rang throughout the cafe.

"(M/N) has been through hell just to stay alive! And all you can do is insult him even more?! This boy was disowned by his parents for being himself! He's not even allowed to see his brother! He has to struggle with not only his school life but keeping the image of being happy! Do you know how many times I've seen (M/N) break down in tears just to tell me that he hates himself?! If only you knew...how broken (M/N) truly is...I'm done here."

The boys watched as Youngjae left the table with tears streaming down his fair skin. Not knowing what to do, Jin and Jimin were already halfway to having tears fall. Yoongi, on the other hand, had a few tears slip away.

"I'm going."

Narrator's Pov

"Where the actual hell am I?" You asked yourself as you wiped away the fallen tears, looking around to see if you noticed anything familiar.

You decided to walk a little further until you saw a swingset. Going straight there, you began to look at the stars that were shining brightly in the night sky.

"Where did I even go wrong? I don't even know the guy! Ugh, I should've punched him in the face instead of crying." You whined as you threw a little fit before taking a deep breath and running a hand through your hair.

Minutes have passed and you decided that you would at least try and go back to your apartment instead of to the cafe. It took you a while to decide on which way you wanted to go before taking out your phone and putting in the address for your apartment building.

"Um, excuse me, but can I walk you home?" A voice asked as you turned around and saw one of the boys from the table awkwardly scratch the back of his neck.

You slowly nodded your head as he gave you a smile before jogging up to where you were. You stared at the boy's features in pure awe since he had such glowing skin.

"What's your name?" You quietly asked as you looked up at the boy who was looking up at the sky.

"Min Yoongi, nice to meet you (M/N)."

Jungkook's Pov

We went back to the place in complete silence and that was probably for the best of it. If we talked about the scene that occurred in the cafe, then I would be dead right now.

"You're a complete asshole." Taehyung scolded as he shook his head and went into the kitchen for something to snack on.

"Hyung, you can't understand how much I hate him. If I didn't hate him so much, I would run out and look for that boy." I reasoned as Tae just walked past me, not caring about what I have to say.

A sigh escaped my lips as I watched Tae go into Jimin's room with a different attitude. Jin then walked into the living room with his blanket that he only used when he wanted to sleep peacefully.

"Kookie...do you know why Yoongi went to look for (M/N)?" Jin started off as I shook my head and focused on whatever Youtuber was playing on my phone right now.

"If I knew then I would've told him not to." I said as he sighed before looking at me with such a motherly vibe.

"He did it because he knows that (M/N) needs someone to lean on. I think you should apologize to (M/N) and try to become friends with him." Jin spoke as I immediately shook my head, not agreeing at all.

"(M/N) should learn how to toughen up..."

"Well, if Yoongi and (M/N) become friends, just know that you're going to be seeing him a lot more than you want to."

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