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it was 4 p.m and i was walking to the nearby store to buy some snacks. i live alone and didn't work since my parent didn't allowed me to.

i wander around the chip section, searching for my favourite.

' here you are!' i thought.

when i grab the last bag of chip, suddenly there was a masked man who grab it too. we both looked at each other in the eyes. i bow at him slightly and gave up since i have a lot of it at home. he bowed too.

" thank you " he open his mask revealing who was he. he was

kim jonghyun.

" n-no problem. " i stuttered.

of course i did. i'm a shawol and he's kim jonghyun.

he smile and bowed again before putting his mask on.

i just grabbed a random chip and went to the counter.


it was 6 p.m. i was eating the chip while watching news.


a member from KPOP boygroup SHINee, Kim Jong Hyun was found unconscious at his home.

" WHAT THE FUCK?! " i screamed and quickly open the twitter.

my twitter account was full of him.

unconscious?! shoot, i hope he didn't kill himself.

i saw a tweet. then a notification popped out on my phone which was about jonghyun. i quickly pressed it.


A member from SHINee, Kim Jonghyun, was found unconscious at his home. He was sent to the nearby hospital. After a few check up, the doctor confirmed that he has passed away. He committed suicide by using -

i stopped reading cause i was sobbing and crying.

' what the hell is this? i just met him 2 hours ago and he is dead? ' i thought.

" i can't believe this shit! " i screamed on top of my lungs.

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