My.... Soulmate? [Karma Akabane]

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Kuuro's notes: I want to EDIT this book. I feel like it's messy and all, then again I'm lazy. My book is messy and all over the place. One shots, scenarios and text fics. 

Yes, I am working on my 10 stages of love assclass and I will be updating my Karma akabane one shot book. Also, look out for a Karma x Reader One shot book and series as well! 


Karma's P.O.V












At first, when I saw you I knew we were perfect for each other.

You looked at me with a happy smile, grinning at me as you walked through the doors. You only glanced at me for a second but I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you.

At the counter in the restaurant, when ordering we both said the same thing.

"Hello, what would you like to order?"

"Chips!" with both said in accord, I was surprised.

You looked at me with a grin, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear. We tried again, saying a different order but we chose the same.

After that, I got to know your name. L/N Y/N, I would never forget your name. You've stolen my heart now, I'm going to plan revenge and steal your last name. You can have mine instead.

I remember as I asked your name, you stifled a giggle. You told me you were moving school and surprisingly it was my school. I was so glad.


Here I am standing in front of many people. Watching you as you walk down the aisle in that beautiful white dress. The sleeves covered in mini flowers and swirls. Intricate detail embroidered all over the top half of the dress. On the bottom, half of the dress was embellished with small golden butterflies.

"Wow," my breath was taken away, you looked stunning, beautiful.

You waved to each side, your bouquet of flowers, complimented your dress. Daffodils I chose for you and some chrysanthemum red and white. You laughed, red like my hair. White was as pure as your heart.

In addition, the Daffodils? They were my favourite.

Continuing to walk down the aisle, I tried to cry. Holding back my tears as I thought about our future.

You walked towards me, giving me that innocent smile. Whispering into my ear, "Thank you for everything Karma." I smiled back feeling happy for you.

You walked away towards the wedding chapel.

You were perfect for me however; you were never mine in the first place. You stole my heart. Please keep it.

"I do promise to cherish my husband"

It's not me, I'm not the one you truly love. You wanted an answer, why did I choose daffodils? It's because, my love was unrequited in the first place.


I want to improve on my fanfic.

- Kuurochii

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