Chapter 1

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Aph/ Jess POV

I heard they were in town! Adam! Barney! Ross! Max! Jin! Shelby!

And that they were the new animatronics...

I have a job there! It's going to be good to see them!

I looked at Katelyn, "Katelyn, I have to head out to work! Bye!"

"Bye Aph!"

I ran all the way there- I'm not naïve, or slow. I'm fast.

I walked in, and Golden Freddy slashed my leg.

To stop the bleeding, I turned into Marionette.



Balloon Boy ran it with Balloon Girl.



"Jess it's you!"


Foxy ran in.



Bonnie sprinted in.



By now, I was crying pure black tears.

Chica ran in.

"Jess! It's really you!"


Freddy walked in.

"Guys, what is- Jess!"


We talked all night.

"Jess, sorry for slashing your leg," Adam said.

"It's fine," I said, grimacing as I turned human.

I walked home, smiling.

I cleaned up the wound.

And went to sleep, sleeping peacefully for the first time in four years.

The next two weeks were great. My leg was healing, and now it's a healed scar. Big, but healed. I forgot my phone for the Sky Army at home, but whatever. It's not like Katelyn will notice it.

Katelyn's POV

Oh. Someone's phone was left here. Aaron was probably here, and left it in her room. Cause I've seen her phone. It's not black. It sure doesn't have dark gray vines snaking it's way up the phone.

Text Group With Budder King, Shelby, ROSS, Mad Max, Jin Bop, Barney, YT Sensation Red Vactor, and You

BK: Hey Jess

Y: what's up Adam?

S: The Pizzeria is shut down, so we're just there a night.


MM: Yeah, we just don't know where you live

Y: I live here (insert address)

BK: Jess, you should be heading here, we just showed up.

Y: Is there a new night guard?

JB: Yeah, and he's got a photo of you with him on his couch in his red house.

Y: It's Aaron

BK: Crush?

Y: Shut up Golden Fred Bear

BK: Shut up MARI

Y: fine you win

BK: He'll need to bring an army

Y: Yeah, animatronics are scary. Every night guard has peed their pants. I myself have given a couple cuts, scrapes and bruises.

BK: yeah, that last one was shocked, and left with a twisted ankle from tripping while you chased him lol

Y: He's going to be really fun to mess with

BK: He'll probably bring his friends, if what you say is true, and in the face of danger, they all follow

Y: Like us?

BK: heh, yeah. but if he does, this is going to be the most fun we've have in a while

Y: 1 can only hope for the best

Text Message End

Who's Jess?

How'd she get in Aph's room?

Aph didn't know a Jess.

Well, Aaron's name isn't Jess.

We have to go with Aaron.


That is surprising! Hope you all like chapter one! Remember to keep reading, love your life, and as always, bye my mermaids!

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