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‭ Dear Smartasses,

     So yesterday, at home Abby had just gotten out of the shower. Ok? Yea... you definitely needed to know that.

      And her phone rings right as she's getting out of the shower, (I know cause her phone was right next to me) so I yell to her from my room. My room is like right next to my bathroom, which she was using cause she likes the floor of my shower better than hers.

    I yell "Demon wants to facetime with you!!"
And she goes "Then, answer it!"

So I answer it, loud enough for her to hear.

"Hey Demon, Abby is currently naked, so I'm answer the phone until she has clothes on."

To which he answers

   "Oh." Kind of in a dejected voice.

"I guess you really wanted to see her clothes less huh?"

    "Yea... I mean, what?"

And then Abby ran in, grabbed the phone and started talking to Demon.

Rude much?


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